Top 10 Fastest Sold Out Concerts Around the World

Music is a universal language that connects people from different cultures, backgrounds and generations. Music fans often show their love and support for their favorite artists by attending their live concerts, where they can enjoy the music, the atmosphere and the interaction with the performers. However, not all concerts are easy to get into. Some artists are so popular and in-demand that their concerts sell out in a matter of minutes, or even seconds. This list ranks 10 of the fastest sold out concerts around the world, based on the time it took for all the tickets to be sold.

10. Guns N’ Roses – Not In This Lifetime Tour (2016-2019) Time: 24 minutes Tickets sold: 351,339 Guns N’ Roses is one of the most iconic rock bands of all time, known for their hits such as “Sweet Child O’ Mine”, “Welcome to the Jungle” and “November Rain”. The band reunited in 2016 after more than two decades of hiatus, with original members Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan. Their Not In This Lifetime Tour was one of the most anticipated and successful tours in history, grossing over $584 million and becoming the third highest-grossing tour of all time. The tour’s first leg in North America sold out in 24 minutes, with 351,339 tickets sold.

9. Dave Matthews Band – Summer Tour (2008) Time: 12 minutes Tickets sold: 583,399 Dave Matthews Band is a rock band that has a loyal and passionate fan base. The band is known for their eclectic musical style, improvisational skills and live performances. Their Summer Tour in 2008 was one of their most popular tours, featuring songs from their album Big Whiskey and the GrooGrux King, which was dedicated to their late saxophonist LeRoi Moore. The tour’s tickets sold out in 12 minutes, with 583,399 tickets sold.

8. Phish – Reunion Shows (2009) Time: 7 minutes Tickets sold: 572,626 Phish is a jam band that has a cult-like following among music fans. The band is known for their musical diversity, experimentation and long improvisational jams. The band went on a hiatus in 2004, but announced their reunion in 2009 with three shows at the Hampton Coliseum in Virginia. The shows were dubbed as “The Return of the Phish” and attracted fans from all over the world. The tickets sold out in 7 minutes, with 572,626 tickets sold.

7. Jonas Brothers – Happiness Begins Tour (2019-2020) Time: 5 minutes Tickets sold: 528,630 Jonas Brothers is a pop rock band that consists of three brothers: Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas. The band rose to fame in the mid-2000s with their albums and TV shows on Disney Channel. The band split up in 2013, but reunited in 2019 with their comeback single “Sucker”, which topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Their Happiness Begins Tour was their first tour in six years and supported their fifth studio album Happiness Begins. The tour’s tickets sold out in 5 minutes, with 528,630 tickets sold.

6. Adele – Live 2016 (2016-2017) Time: 4 minutes Tickets sold: 750,000 Adele is one of the most acclaimed and successful singers of her generation. Her powerful voice and emotional songs have earned her numerous awards and accolades, including 15 Grammy Awards and an Oscar. Her third studio album 25 was the best-selling album of 2015 and 2016, with hits such as “Hello”, “When We Were Young” and “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”. Her Live 2016 tour was her first tour since 2011 and supported her album 25. The tour’s tickets sold out in 4 minutes, with 750,000 tickets sold.

5. EXO – EXO Planet #3 – The ElyXion (2017-2018) Time: 0.2 seconds Tickets sold: 66,000 EXO is a K-pop boy band that has become a global phenomenon. The band consists of nine members who perform in Korean, Mandarin and Japanese. The band is known for their catchy songs, synchronized dances and elaborate stage shows. Their third concert tour EXO Planet #3 – The ElyXion was one of their most successful tours, featuring songs from their fourth studio album The War and its repackage Power of Music. The tour’s first stop at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul sold out in 0.2 seconds, with 66,000 tickets sold.

4. One Direction – Where We Are Tour (2014) Time: 0.1 seconds Tickets sold: 3.4 million One Direction is a pop boy band that was formed on the UK version of The X Factor in 2010. The band consists of five members: Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. The band became one of the most popular and successful acts in the world, with five albums and numerous awards and records. Their third concert tour Where We Are Tour was their first stadium tour and supported their third studio album Midnight Memories. The tour’s tickets sold out in 0.1 seconds, with 3.4 million tickets sold.

3. Michael Jackson – This Is It (2009) Time: 0.05 seconds Tickets sold: 1 million Michael Jackson is widely regarded as the King of Pop and one of the most influential and legendary artists of all time. His music, dance and style have inspired generations of fans and performers. His albums Thriller, Bad and Dangerous are among the best-selling albums of all time, with hits such as “Billie Jean”, “Beat It” and “Black or White”. His This Is It tour was supposed to be his final tour and a comeback after years of hiatus. The tour’s tickets sold out in 0.05 seconds, with 1 million tickets sold. However, the tour was cancelled due to Jackson’s untimely death in June 2009.

2. BTS – Love Yourself World Tour (2018-2019) Time: 0.01 seconds Tickets sold: 2 million BTS is a K-pop boy band that has taken the world by storm. The band consists of seven members who perform in Korean, English and Japanese. The band is known for their meaningful lyrics, diverse musical genres and impressive performances. Their Love Yourself World Tour was their third worldwide concert tour and supported their trilogy of albums Love Yourself: Her, Love Yourself: Tear and Love Yourself: Answer. The tour’s tickets sold out in 0.01 seconds, with 2 million tickets sold.

1. U2 – Vertigo Tour (2005-2006) Time: 0 seconds Tickets sold: 4.6 million U2 is a rock band that has been one of the most influential and successful bands in history. The band consists of four members: Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. The band is known for their anthemic songs, social activism and spectacular shows. Their Vertigo Tour was their tenth concert tour and supported their eleventh studio album How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. The tour’s tickets sold out in 0 seconds, with 4.6 million tickets sold. This means that all the tickets were sold before they even went on sale to the public, as they were reserved by fan club members, sponsors and promoters.


Q: How can I get tickets for a sold out concert?

A: If you want to get tickets for a sold out concert, you might have to look for alternative sources such as resellers, scalpers or ticket exchanges. However, these options might be risky, expensive or illegal depending on the situation. You should always check the authenticity and validity of the tickets before buying them.

Q: What are some tips to get tickets for a fast selling concert?

A: If you want to get tickets for a fast selling concert, you should prepare ahead of time and follow some tips such as:

Joining the fan club or mailing list of the artist or venue to get access to pre-sale or exclusive offers.

Using multiple devices or browsers to access the ticket website or app when the tickets go on sale.

Having your payment information ready and entering it quickly and accurately.

Refreshing the page or trying different sections or dates if you encounter errors or delays.

Being flexible and willing to compromise on your seat location or price.

Q: What are some benefits of attending a live concert?

A: Attending a live concert can have many benefits such as:

Enjoying the music and the atmosphere with other fans who share your passion and enthusiasm.

Experiencing the performance and interaction of the artist in person rather than through a screen or speaker.

Creating memories and stories that you can cherish and share with others.

Supporting the artist and the industry that provides entertainment and inspiration to many people.

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