Fantasy Football Top 10 Picks

Fantasy Football Top 10 Picks: Who to Consider for Your Team

As the new football season approaches, millions of fans around the world are getting ready for their fantasy football drafts. With so many players to choose from, it can be challenging to narrow down your top picks. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 10 fantasy football picks that you should consider for your team. Whether you are a seasoned fantasy football player or new to the game, this list will assist you in making the best selections for your team.

1. Christian McCaffrey (Carolina Panthers, RB): McCaffrey is a unanimous top pick in fantasy football drafts. He is a versatile player who excels at both running and receiving. Expect him to accumulate a significant number of points throughout the season.

2. Dalvin Cook (Minnesota Vikings, RB): Cook had an outstanding 2019 season and is expected to continue his success this year. He is a potent force in the running game and has also proven to be an efficient receiver.

3. Saquon Barkley (New York Giants, RB): Barkley is a dynamic player who can produce both on the ground and through the air. Despite his injury last season, he is fully recovered and ready to have a great year.

4. Alvin Kamara (New Orleans Saints, RB): Kamara is known for his explosiveness and is a dual threat as both a runner and receiver. With his ability to rack up yards and touchdowns, he is a valuable asset for any fantasy team.

5. Michael Thomas (New Orleans Saints, WR): Thomas is one of the league’s top wide receivers and consistently puts up impressive numbers. He is a reliable target and a safe pick for your fantasy team.

6. Ezekiel Elliott (Dallas Cowboys, RB): Elliott is known for his exceptional rushing ability and is consistently among the league leaders in total yards. With the Cowboys’ strong offensive line, he is likely to have another successful season.

7. Derrick Henry (Tennessee Titans, RB): Henry is a bruising runner who can dominate opponents. He led the league in rushing yards last season and is expected to continue his dominance this year.

8. Clyde Edwards-Helaire (Kansas City Chiefs, RB): Edwards-Helaire is a rookie running back with immense potential. With the reigning Super Bowl champion Chiefs’ high-powered offense, he has a chance to make a significant impact in fantasy football.

9. Nick Chubb (Cleveland Browns, RB): Chubb is a talented running back who consistently puts up strong numbers. Despite sharing carries with Kareem Hunt, Chubb is expected to have another excellent season.

10. Julio Jones (Atlanta Falcons, WR): Jones is one of the most productive wide receivers in the league and a consistent fantasy performer. With his impressive speed and athleticism, he is always a top target for his quarterback.

These top 10 picks offer a mix of proven veterans and rising stars who have the potential for breakout seasons. However, remember that fantasy football is unpredictable, and injuries and unexpected performances can impact player rankings. It’s essential to stay informed and adjust your strategy as the season progresses.


1. Can I draft a quarterback in the first round of fantasy football?
While it is always good to have a top-tier quarterback on your team, it is generally advisable to wait until later rounds to draft a quarterback. Running backs and wide receivers tend to have more consistent and significant point production.

2. Should I prioritize drafting players from my favorite team?
While it is tempting to select players from your favorite team, it’s crucial to focus on players who offer the best value and have a high probability of performing well. Don’t let personal bias cloud your judgment.

3. Are rookies worth drafting in fantasy football?
Rookies can be risky, as their performance at the professional level is uncertain. However, some rookies, like Clyde Edwards-Helaire, have the potential to make an immediate impact and are worth considering in your draft.

4. Can I win my fantasy football league with only top picks?
While having top picks is beneficial, winning a fantasy football league requires savvy drafting, diligent roster management, and a bit of luck. Don’t rely solely on top picks; be active on the waiver wire and make strategic trades when necessary.

5. Should I prioritize running backs over wide receivers in fantasy football?
Running backs tend to have more opportunities to accumulate points, as they receive both rushing and receiving yards. However, the value of running backs and wide receivers may vary depending on the scoring system and the league format.

6. How can I stay updated on player performance and news for fantasy football?
It is crucial to stay informed about the latest news and developments regarding player injuries, trades, and performance. Stay connected with reliable fantasy football websites, podcasts, and social media accounts dedicated to delivering news and analysis.

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