Jack Harlow Top 10 Songs

Jack Harlow is a rising star in the music industry, known for his catchy hooks, diverse flows, and relatable lyrics. With his distinct style and undeniable talent, he has quickly become a favorite among hip-hop fans. In this article, we will explore Jack Harlow’s top 10 songs that have captured the hearts of listeners around the world.

1. “What’s Poppin'” – This breakout single catapulted Jack Harlow into the mainstream. With its infectious beat and witty wordplay, it became an instant hit.

2. “Tyler Herro” – Inspired by the young NBA player Tyler Herro, this song showcases Jack Harlow’s confidence and swagger. The clever lyrics and catchy chorus make it a crowd favorite.

3. “SUVs (Black on Black)” – In this track, Harlow demonstrates his ability to effortlessly flow over a smooth trap beat. The introspective lyrics give listeners a glimpse into his mindset and aspirations.

4. “Already Best Friends” ft. Chris Brown – Teaming up with Chris Brown, Jack Harlow delivers a bouncy, feel-good track that celebrates friendship and good vibes. The chemistry between the two artists is evident throughout the song.

5. “Gimme Sumn” – This high-energy anthem is perfect for turning up the volume and letting loose. Harlow’s rapid-fire delivery and relentless energy make it a stand-out track.

6. “Whats Poppin (Remix)” ft. Lil Wayne, DaBaby, Tory Lanez – The remix of “What’s Poppin'” features an impressive lineup of rap heavyweights. Each artist brings their unique style to the table, resulting in an unforgettable collaboration.

7. “Tyla Yaweh” ft. Jack Harlow – In this up-tempo track, Harlow collaborates with fellow rising star Tyla Yaweh. The smooth production and infectious melodies make it a standout song in Harlow’s discography.

8. “Thru the Night” ft. Bryson Tiller – This melodic track, featuring the soulful vocals of Bryson Tiller, showcases Harlow’s versatility as an artist. The laid-back vibe and intimate lyrics create a captivating listening experience.

9. “I Wanna See Some Ass” – With its provocative title, this song certainly catches attention. However, it’s the infectious beat and Harlow’s witty wordplay that make it a standout track.

10. “Creme” – Closing off the list is “Creme,” a smooth and catchy song that highlights Harlow’s storytelling abilities. The relatable lyrics and mellow production create a captivating listening experience.

In conclusion, Jack Harlow’s top 10 songs showcase his unique talent, versatility, and ability to connect with listeners. Whether he’s delivering hard-hitting bars or melodic hooks, Harlow continues to leave a lasting impression in the music industry. Keep an eye out for his future releases as he continues to solidify his place as one of hip-hop’s rising stars.


1. What is Jack Harlow’s most popular song?
Jack Harlow’s most popular song is “What’s Poppin'”.

2. Who has Jack Harlow collaborated with?
Jack Harlow has collaborated with artists such as Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, DaBaby, Tory Lanez, Bryson Tiller, and Tyla Yaweh.

3. What is Jack Harlow’s musical style?
Jack Harlow’s musical style can be described as a blend of hip-hop, trap, and melodic rap.

4. How did Jack Harlow gain popularity?
Jack Harlow gained popularity through his breakout single “What’s Poppin'” and subsequent collaborations with established artists.

5. Does Jack Harlow write his own songs?
Yes, Jack Harlow writes his own songs and is known for his clever wordplay and relatable lyrics.

6. What can we expect from Jack Harlow in the future?
Fans can expect more infectious hooks, diverse flows, and relatable lyrics from Jack Harlow as he continues to make his mark in the music industry.

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