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As an avid gamer, there is nothing quite as thrilling as going head to head with an opponent in a fast-paced, action-packed fighting game. With their competitive nature and adrenaline-pumping gameplay, fighting games have captivated gamers for decades. Whether you’re a fan of classic titles or enjoy the latest releases, IGN’s top 10 fighting games list is a great resource for discovering new and exciting games to add to your collection. In this blog post, we will explore each of the top 10 fighting games featured on IGN’s list, highlighting their unique features and what makes them stand out from the crowd.

1. “Street Fighter V”
First on the list is the renowned “Street Fighter V.” This iconic franchise has been dominating the fighting game scene for over three decades, and the fifth installment is no exception. With its expansive roster of characters, intricate mechanics, and intense multiplayer battles, “Street Fighter V” continues to be a fan-favorite.

2. “Tekken 7”
Known for its deep and complex gameplay mechanics, “Tekken 7” takes the second spot on IGN’s list. With its diverse character roster, stylish moves, and over-the-top action, this game is sure to provide endless hours of fun for both casual and competitive players.

3. “Dragon Ball FighterZ”
Bringing the beloved characters of the “Dragon Ball” series to life, “Dragon Ball FighterZ” is a visual masterpiece. With its stunning graphics, fast-paced gameplay, and faithful representation of the source material, this game has quickly become a staple in the fighting game community.

4. “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”
“Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” is a crossover fighting game that brings together characters from various franchises. With its chaotic multiplayer battles, extensive single-player content, and limitless customization options, this game offers endless replayability and has become a staple at parties and competitive events.

5. “Mortal Kombat 11”
The “Mortal Kombat” franchise has been synonymous with brutal and gory fighting games, and “Mortal Kombat 11” continues to deliver on that reputation. With its visceral combat, cinematic story mode, and extensive character customization, this game is a must-play for fans of the series and newcomers alike.

6. “Guilty Gear Strive”
“Guilty Gear Strive,” the latest installment in the critically acclaimed “Guilty Gear” series, sets a new standard for visual fidelity in fighting games. With its gorgeous animations, fast-paced gameplay, and deep mechanics, this game is a must-play for any fighting game enthusiast.

7. “Injustice 2”
From the creators of “Mortal Kombat,” “Injustice 2” offers a unique twist by featuring iconic DC Comics characters in epic battles. With its engaging story mode, diverse character roster, and interactive environments, this game offers a fresh take on the fighting game genre.

8. “BlazBlue: Central Fiction”
“BlazBlue: Central Fiction” is a visually stunning and mechanically deep fighting game. With its intricate combos, diverse character abilities, and captivating story mode, this game provides a rich and immersive experience for both casual and competitive players.

9. “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite”
“Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” brings together popular characters from both Marvel and Capcom universes in fast-paced tag-team battles. With its flashy visuals, easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics, and thrilling online multiplayer, this game is a must-have for Marvel and Capcom fans alike.

10. “Skullgirls”
Closing out the list is “Skullgirls,” a 2D fighting game that focuses on beautifully hand-drawn animations and fast-paced gameplay. With its unique characters, strategic mechanics, and responsive controls, this game has gained a dedicated following within the fighting game community.

In conclusion, IGN’s top 10 fighting games list provides a comprehensive overview of some of the best titles in the genre. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to fighting games, these titles offer a wide range of experiences, from the classic competitiveness of “Street Fighter V” to the crossover chaos of “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.” No matter which game you choose, prepare to immerse yourself in a world of intense combat and endless possibilities.


Q: Are these games available on multiple platforms?
A: Yes, most of the games on IGN’s top 10 fighting games list are available on various gaming platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Q: Can I play these games offline?
A: Yes, all the games listed can be played offline, providing both single-player and local multiplayer modes.

Q: Are there any upcoming fighting games worth looking forward to?
A: Yes, the fighting game genre is constantly evolving, and there are several highly anticipated games on the horizon, such as “Guilty Gear -STRIVE-” and “Street Fighter VI.”

Q: Are these games suitable for beginners?
A: While some of the games may have a steep learning curve, most offer tutorials and accessible gameplay options, making them enjoyable for beginners and experienced players alike.

Q: Can I play these games with friends online?
A: Yes, almost all of the games on the list offer online multiplayer modes, allowing you to challenge friends or compete against players from around the world.

Q: Are these games suitable for all ages?
A: The age appropriateness of the games depends on the title and its content rating. It is always recommended to check the respective rating and content information before purchasing or playing the games.

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