Deitrick Haddon Top 10 Songs

Deitrick Haddon is a renowned gospel artist and songwriter who has made a significant impact in the music industry. His unique style blends traditional gospel with elements of contemporary R&B, pop, and hip hop, making his music relevant and appealing to a wide audience. Throughout his career, Haddon has released numerous hit songs that have touched the lives of many listeners. In this blog post, we will explore the top 10 songs by Deitrick Haddon that have resonated with audiences across the world.

1. “Sinner’s Prayer”: This soul-stirring song is one of Haddon’s most popular tracks. With its powerful lyrics and melodic rhythm, it encourages listeners to seek forgiveness and embrace their faith.

2. “He’s Able”: This uplifting anthem reminds us that no matter what challenges we face, God is able to provide all that we need. The energetic beat and heartfelt vocals make this song a favorite among Haddon’s fans.

3. “Well Done”: A beautifully arranged song, “Well Done” pays homage to the life of a loved one who has passed away. Its message of finding comfort in knowing that they are in a better place resonates with many listeners.

4. “God Is Good”: This catchy and upbeat track highlights Haddon’s ability to merge gospel with contemporary sounds. The lyrics affirm our belief in God’s goodness and encourage us to trust in His plan.

5. “A Billion People”: This powerful worship song acknowledges the collective praise of believers all over the world. It serves as a reminder that worship transcends boundaries and unites us in our love for God.

6. “The Light”: Featuring a captivating melody and introspective lyrics, “The Light” speaks to the struggles we face in our daily lives. It reminds us to lean on our faith and trust that God’s light will guide us through the darkness.

7. “Restore Me Again”: In this heartfelt ballad, Haddon expresses a plea for God’s restoration and healing. The emotional and soulful delivery of this song has resonated deeply with listeners.

8. “Great God”: With its infectious beat and powerful vocals, “Great God” is a lively celebration of God’s greatness and faithfulness. This energetic track is sure to get listeners on their feet.

9. “Well Done”: In this gospel classic, Haddon reflects on the ultimate reward of living a life that pleases God. The heartfelt lyrics and soulful delivery make this song a powerful message of encouragement and inspiration.

10. “Church on Sunday Morning”: This infectious and soulful track captures the joy and excitement of gathering together to worship on Sunday mornings. Its catchy chorus and uplifting lyrics make it a fan favorite.

In conclusion, Deitrick Haddon has produced a rich catalog of music that touches the hearts and souls of listeners. From his soul-stirring ballads to his energetic anthems, his songs continue to resonate with fans across the world. Each track is a testament to his talent as an artist and his unwavering faith. Whether you are a long-time fan or new to his music, these top 10 songs by Deitrick Haddon are a must-listen.


1. What is Deitrick Haddon known for?
Deitrick Haddon is known for his unique blend of gospel, R&B, pop, and hip hop music styles.

2. What are some other popular songs by Deitrick Haddon?
Some other popular songs by Deitrick Haddon include “A Change Is Gonna Come,” “Be Like Jesus,” and “Running To You.”

3. Has Deitrick Haddon won any awards?
Yes, Deitrick Haddon has won multiple awards throughout his career, including Stellar Awards and GMA Dove Awards.

4. Is Deitrick Haddon also involved in other areas of the entertainment industry?
Yes, in addition to his music career, Deitrick Haddon is also an accomplished actor and television producer.

5. Are there any upcoming projects from Deitrick Haddon?
While specific details may not be available at the moment, Deitrick Haddon continues to create new music and engage with his fans through various platforms.

6. Where can I listen to Deitrick Haddon’s music?
Deitrick Haddon’s music is available on various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. You can also purchase his albums from online music stores or local retailers.

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