Deftones Top 10 Songs

Deftones is a highly influential alternative metal band that emerged in 1988 in Sacramento, California. Known for their unique blend of heavy guitar riffs, ethereal melodies, and emotionally charged lyrics, Deftones have created a diverse discography that has resonated with fans worldwide. With ten studio albums to their name, it’s no easy task to narrow down their top songs, but here are ten of their most essential tracks:

1. “Change (In the House of Flies)” – From their groundbreaking album “White Pony,” this song showcases the band’s ability to seamlessly transition between heavy and atmospheric moments. Chino Moreno’s haunting vocals are complemented by atmospheric guitar work and a hypnotic chorus.

2. “My Own Summer (Shove It)” – This track from “Around the Fur” is a prime example of Deftones’ ability to create a perfect balance between aggression and melody. The iconic guitar riff is instantly recognizable, and the visceral energy of the song continues to captivate listeners.

3. “Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)” – A fan favorite from their sophomore album, this song stands out with its melodic verses and explosive choruses. It perfectly captures the band’s signature sound and showcases their ability to create dynamic compositions.

4. “Digital Bath” – Another standout track from “White Pony,” “Digital Bath” is a dark and brooding song that showcases Deftones’ penchant for atmospheric and ethereal moments. The combination of heavy riffs and Moreno’s emotive vocals makes this track a standout.

5. “Knife Prty” – A highlight from “White Pony,” “Knife Prty” showcases Deftones’ ability to merge ethereal and aggressive elements seamlessly. The song progresses from a whisper to a scream, with haunting melodies and heavy instrumentation creating a captivating listening experience.

6. “Passenger” – An iconic collaboration between Deftones and Maynard James Keenan of Tool, “Passenger” combines the ethereal and atmospheric with the raw power of rock. The chemistry between the two vocalists is palpable, creating an intense and unforgettable song.

7. “Minerva” – This song from “Deftones” stands out with its anthemic chorus and infectious guitar melodies. The combination of heavy and melodic elements creates a dynamic and engaging listening experience.

8. “Hexagram” – The opening track from “Deftones,” “Hexagram” kicks off the album with a burst of energy and intensity. With its heavy riffs, aggressive vocals, and explosive chorus, this song is a prime example of Deftones at their most intense.

9. “Diamond Eyes” – The title track from their 2010 album, “Diamond Eyes” showcases Deftones’ ability to create captivating melodies while retaining their signature heaviness. The song is a true standout, with its catchy chorus and powerful lyrics.

10. “Engine No. 9” – This early Deftones track from “Adrenaline” remains a fan-favorite to this day. With its heavy riffs, aggressive vocals, and prominent bass lines, “Engine No. 9” perfectly encapsulates the raw energy and aggression that defines Deftones’ sound.


1. What is Deftones’ most popular song?
Deftones’ most popular song is arguably “Change (In the House of Flies).” It became a breakout hit for the band and remains one of their most well-known tracks.

2. Are Deftones a metal band?
Deftones are often categorized as an alternative metal band due to their heavy guitar riffs and aggressive sound. However, their music incorporates elements of alternative rock, post-metal, and even shoegaze, resulting in a unique and diverse sound.

3. What albums are considered the best by Deftones?
While opinions may vary, Deftones’ albums “White Pony” and “Around the Fur” are often cited as their best work. These albums showcase the band’s ability to seamlessly blend heavy and atmospheric elements while delivering powerful and emotive songs.

4. Have Deftones won any awards?
Yes, Deftones have received critical acclaim and recognition over the years. They won a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for their song “Elite” in 2001 and have been nominated for several other awards throughout their career.

5. Are there any other bands similar to Deftones?
Deftones have a unique sound, but if you enjoy their music, you might also appreciate bands like Tool, Incubus, Glassjaw, and Chevelle, who have similar elements of heaviness combined with melodic and atmospheric moments.

6. What is Deftones’ most recent album?
Deftones’ most recent album is “Ohms,” released in 2020. It received critical acclaim for its atmospheric and heavy sound, further solidifying the band’s place as one of the leading forces in the alternative metal genre.

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