Cheap Trick Top 10 Songs

When it comes to rock bands, Cheap Trick is definitely a standout. Formed in 1973, the American rock band has had a successful career spanning over four decades. Known for their energetic live performances and catchy songs, Cheap Trick has created a loyal fanbase and continues to be a crowd favorite.

If you’re new to Cheap Trick or simply want to revisit their discography, here are 10 of their best songs that showcase their talent and musical versatility:

1. “Surrender” – This iconic anthem is perhaps Cheap Trick’s most well-known song. With its infectious chorus and memorable guitar riffs, it’s a true classic that has stood the test of time.

2. “I Want You to Want Me” – Another mega-hit for Cheap Trick, this power-pop gem is guaranteed to get stuck in your head. The catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics make it a fan favorite at their live shows.

3. “Dream Police” – With its haunting intro and powerful vocals from Robin Zander, this song is a perfect example of Cheap Trick’s ability to create a mood. The eerie atmosphere and catchy chorus make it a standout track.

4. “The Flame” – This ballad brought Cheap Trick back into the limelight in the late 1980s. With its heartfelt lyrics and soaring vocals, it showcases a softer side to the band’s repertoire.

5. “Hello There” – This energetic track kicks off Cheap Trick’s iconic live album “Cheap Trick at Budokan.” The infectious energy and enthusiastic crowd make it a must-listen for any fan.

6. “I Want Be Man” – This song perfectly captures the band’s signature sound with its mix of hard rock and pop sensibilities. The catchy chorus and strong guitar work make it a standout track from their early years.

7. “If You Want My Love” – A fan favorite, this song showcases Cheap Trick’s ability to create radio-friendly hits. The memorable melody and romantic lyrics make it a standout track.

8. “Voices” – Another power-pop gem, this song features layered harmonies and catchy hooks that will stick with you long after the song ends. It’s a perfect example of Cheap Trick’s ability to create infectious tunes.

9. “Tonight It’s You” – This song showcases Cheap Trick’s ability to evolve with the times while still maintaining their signature sound. With its polished production and catchy chorus, it’s a standout track from their 1986 album “The Doctor.”

10. “She’s Tight” – This upbeat track is a perfect blend of catchy hooks and energetic rock. The playful lyrics and infectious melody make it a fan favorite.

Cheap Trick’s discography is filled with countless great songs that deserve recognition. From their early power-pop days to their more polished hits, the band has consistently delivered memorable music that has stood the test of time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What is Cheap Trick’s most famous song?
– Cheap Trick’s most famous song is “Surrender.”

2. Are Cheap Trick still active?
– Yes, Cheap Trick is still an active band and continues to tour and release music.

3. What genre is Cheap Trick?
– Cheap Trick is primarily known as a rock band, but they incorporate elements of power pop and hard rock into their music.

4. Where is Cheap Trick from?
– Cheap Trick is from Rockford, Illinois, USA.

5. What other albums have Cheap Trick released?
– Some other notable albums by Cheap Trick include “Heaven Tonight,” “In Color,” and “Cheap Trick ’97.”

6. Has Cheap Trick won any awards?
– Yes, Cheap Trick was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2016. They have also received numerous other accolades throughout their career.

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