Berkshire Hathaway Top 10 Holdings

Berkshire Hathaway is a multinational conglomerate headed by renowned investor Warren Buffett. Over the years, Berkshire Hathaway has made several successful investments, resulting in a portfolio of top holdings that have contributed to its impressive growth. In this blog post, we will discuss Berkshire Hathaway’s top 10 holdings and explore why they are key drivers of the company’s success.

1. Apple Inc. (AAPL):
Apple is Berkshire Hathaway’s largest holding, and it’s no surprise. The tech giant has been consistently innovative, producing groundbreaking products such as the iPhone and iPad. Berkshire Hathaway has held a significant stake in Apple since 2016, benefiting from its consistent growth and strong financial performance.

2. Bank of America (BAC):
Considering Warren Buffett’s fondness for banking stocks, it’s no wonder that Berkshire Hathaway holds a significant stake in Bank of America. As one of the largest banks in the United States, Bank of America has a strong presence and offers a diverse range of services. Berkshire’s investment in Bank of America has yielded substantial returns over the years.

3. Coca-Cola (KO):
Known for its iconic drinks, Coca-Cola has been a long-term holding for Berkshire Hathaway. Coca-Cola has a strong brand presence and a wide distribution network, making it a reliable source of dividends and capital appreciation. Berkshire Hathaway’s investment in Coca-Cola showcases its interest in stable, consumer-focused companies.

4. American Express (AXP):
Another financial institution in which Berkshire Hathaway has a significant stake is American Express. American Express is a global payments and travel company, offering various financial services to consumers and businesses. Warren Buffett’s investment in American Express highlights his confidence in the company’s long-term profitability and industry dominance.

5. Moody’s Corporation (MCO):
Moody’s Corporation is a credit rating agency that provides financial research and analysis. As a key player in the credit rating industry, Moody’s has a significant impact on investment decisions. Berkshire Hathaway’s investment in Moody’s demonstrates its interest in financial services and its recognition of the crucial role credit rating agencies play in the market.

6. Visa Inc. (V):
Visa, a global payments technology company, is another major holding for Berkshire Hathaway. With the increasing adoption of digital payments and e-commerce, Visa is well-positioned to benefit from this growing trend. Berkshire Hathaway’s investment in Visa reflects its confidence in the company’s ability to capitalize on the evolving payment landscape.

7. Wells Fargo (WFC):
Wells Fargo, one of the largest banks in the United States, is a notable holding for Berkshire Hathaway. Despite recent challenges faced by the bank, Berkshire Hathaway remains confident in its long-term prospects. The company’s substantial investment in Wells Fargo showcases Berkshire Hathaway’s commitment to value investing and belief in the bank’s eventual recovery.

8. JPMorgan Chase (JPM):
JPMorgan Chase is another prominent banking institution in which Berkshire Hathaway holds a significant stake. With its diversified business model and extensive network, JPMorgan Chase has consistently delivered strong financial performance. Berkshire Hathaway’s investment in JPMorgan Chase emphasizes its long-term outlook on the banking industry and belief in the company’s management team.

9. Kraft Heinz (KHC):
Kraft Heinz, a multinational food company, was formed through a merger between Kraft Foods Group and H.J. Heinz Company. Berkshire Hathaway is a major investor in Kraft Heinz, drawn to its portfolio of well-established brands that have earned consumer trust over the years. The company’s investment in Kraft Heinz reflects its interest in stable, consumer-focused industries.

10. Johnson & Johnson (JNJ):
Berkshire Hathaway also holds a notable stake in Johnson & Johnson, a leading healthcare company. With its diverse line of consumer healthcare products, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices, Johnson & Johnson has proven to be a resilient investment. Berkshire Hathaway’s investment in Johnson & Johnson underscores its confidence in the long-term growth prospects of the healthcare sector.

In conclusion, Berkshire Hathaway’s top 10 holdings encompass a wide range of industries, including technology, finance, consumer goods, and healthcare. These holdings demonstrate Berkshire Hathaway’s strategy of investing in well-established companies with strong fundamentals, stable earnings, and significant growth potential. As these companies continue to thrive, Berkshire Hathaway is well-positioned to capitalize on their success and generate value for its shareholders.


1. What is Berkshire Hathaway’s largest holding?
– Berkshire Hathaway’s largest holding is Apple Inc. (AAPL).

2. Why does Berkshire Hathaway invest in banking stocks?
– Berkshire Hathaway has a long history of investing in banking stocks due to Warren Buffett’s belief in their long-term profitability and stability.

3. Are dividends an important factor for Berkshire Hathaway’s investment decisions?
– Yes, Berkshire Hathaway values companies that pay dividends as it provides shareholders with a consistent stream of income.

4. What is the significance of Berkshire Hathaway’s investment in Johnson & Johnson?
– Berkshire Hathaway’s investment in Johnson & Johnson reflects its confidence in the healthcare sector and the company’s diverse product portfolio.

5. Does Berkshire Hathaway focus on specific industries?
– Berkshire Hathaway invests in a diverse range of industries, focusing on companies with strong fundamentals and significant growth potential.

6. How does Berkshire Hathaway select its top holdings?
– Berkshire Hathaway selects its top holdings based on factors such as a company’s long-term profitability, stability, and growth prospects.

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