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The world of mixed martial arts has seen incredible talent emerge in various weight divisions, each showcasing their skill and determination inside the octagon. Among these divisions, the bantamweight division in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) has consistently provided fans with thrilling fights and incredible athletes. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the top 10 bantamweight fighters in the UFC, exploring their achievements, fighting styles, and what makes them stand out in this highly competitive weight class.

1. Aljamain Sterling: Known as “Funk Master,” Sterling has established himself as one of the best bantamweights in the UFC. With a versatile fighting style that combines striking and grappling, he has amassed an impressive record and secured notable wins against top contenders.

2. Petr Yan: Yan, the current bantamweight champion, has shown tremendous striking skills and aggression inside the octagon. With a background in boxing, he possesses devastating knockout power and has quickly risen through the ranks to claim the title.

3. Cory Sandhagen: Sandhagen’s athleticism and unorthodox fighting style make him a formidable opponent in the bantamweight division. His creative striking and strong ground game have earned him multiple victories and highlight-reel finishes.

4. TJ Dillashaw: Despite serving a suspension, Dillashaw’s accomplishments and skill cannot be overlooked. As a former bantamweight champion, he showcased his versatility and determination, making him a significant threat in the division.

5. Jose Aldo: A legend in the sport, Aldo’s move to the bantamweight division has been met with success. With explosiveness and excellent striking technique, his vast experience and championship pedigree make him a tough opponent for anyone in the division.

6. Marlon Moraes: Moraes blends together a mix of Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, making him a well-rounded bantamweight contender. His striking accuracy and the ability to finish fights have propelled him to the top of the division.

7. Rob Font: With precise striking and excellent footwork, Font has proven to be a formidable force in the bantamweight division. He continues to climb the ranks and showcase his skills against top competition.

8. Dominick Cruz: Cruz’s unique movement and footwork have been his trademark throughout his career. As a former champion and veteran in the division, he brings a wealth of experience and tactical approach to every fight.

9. Raphael Assuncao: Assuncao is a seasoned veteran in the bantamweight division, known for his technical prowess and submissions. Despite recent setbacks, he still remains a tough challenge for any opponent.

10. Cody Garbrandt: Garbrandt burst onto the bantamweight scene with his knockout power and impressive footwork. As a former champion, he possesses the skills to compete with the best in the division.


1. Who is the current bantamweight champion in the UFC?
– The current bantamweight champion in the UFC is Petr Yan.

2. Which fighter in the bantamweight division has the most knockouts?
– Cody Garbrandt is known for his knockout power in the bantamweight division.

3. Who is considered the greatest bantamweight fighter of all time?
– Dominick Cruz is widely regarded as one of the greatest bantamweight fighters of all time.

4. How many title defenses has Aljamain Sterling had as bantamweight champion?
– As of now, Aljamain Sterling has not had any title defenses as the bantamweight champion.

5. Who is the youngest fighter in the top 10 bantamweight rankings?
– The youngest fighter in the top 10 bantamweight rankings currently is Cory Sandhagen.

6. How long has Jose Aldo been competing in the bantamweight division?
– Jose Aldo made his debut in the bantamweight division in 2019, after competing in the featherweight division for the majority of his career.

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