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Mac Miller, born Malcolm James McCormick, was an incredibly talented and beloved American rapper, singer, and songwriter. Despite his untimely death in 2018, his music continues to resonate with millions of fans around the world. Known for his introspective lyrics, versatile style, and unique musicality, Mac Miller left behind a rich legacy of music that will forever shape the hip-hop landscape. In this blog post, we will explore some of Mac Miller’s top 10 songs, showcasing his incredible talent and the impact he had on the music industry.

1. “Self Care” (2018) – This hauntingly introspective track from his final studio album, “Swimming,” highlights Mac Miller’s vulnerability and self-reflection. The song’s lyrical depth, combined with its atmospheric production, makes for an emotional and captivating listening experience.

2. “Donald Trump” (2011) – One of Mac Miller’s breakthrough hits, “Donald Trump” propelled him into the mainstream and showcased his rapping skills. With its catchy chorus and confident verses, this track remains a fan favorite.

3. “Nikes on My Feet” (2010) – One of Mac Miller’s early hits, “Nikes on My Feet” captures his youthful energy and carefree attitude. This infectious track is the perfect example of Mac Miller’s ability to create catchy, feel-good songs.

4. “Best Day Ever” (2011) – Serving as both the title track of his mixtape and a message of hope, “Best Day Ever” is a feel-good anthem that showcases Mac Miller’s positivity and optimism. This song has become an anthem for his fans and a symbol of his legacy.

5. “Good News” (2020) – Released posthumously, “Good News” showcases Mac Miller’s introspective songwriting and his ability to confront his own struggles. This poignant track serves as a reminder of his talent and the impact he had on his fans.

6. “Dang!” ft. Anderson .Paak (2016) – A collaboration between two immensely talented artists, “Dang!” is a funky and upbeat track that showcases Mac Miller’s versatility and unique musicality. This song is a testament to his ability to experiment with different genres while staying true to his own sound.

7. “Ladders” (2018) – From his final album, “Swimming,” “Ladders” is a soulful and groovy track that combines Mac Miller’s introspective lyrics with lush instrumentation. This song exemplifies his growth as an artist and his ability to craft complex and layered songs.

8. “My Favorite Part” ft. Ariana Grande (2016) – A collaboration with his former girlfriend Ariana Grande, “My Favorite Part” is a beautiful and romantic duet that showcases Mac Miller’s softer side. The chemistry between the two artists is palpable, making this track a fan favorite.

9. “2009” (2018) – Another introspective track from his final album, “2009” reflects on Mac Miller’s journey in the music industry and his personal growth. With its heartfelt lyrics and introspective tone, this song encapsulates his maturity and growth as an artist.

10. “Weekend” ft. Miguel (2015) – An infectious and laid-back track, “Weekend” showcases Mac Miller’s ability to blend different genres seamlessly. This collaboration with Miguel is a testament to his artistic vision and his ability to create captivating music.


1. What was Mac Miller’s most popular song?
Mac Miller had several popular songs throughout his career, but “Self Care” and “Donald Trump” are often cited as some of his most popular tracks.

2. Did Mac Miller write his own songs?
Yes, Mac Miller was known for writing his own songs. He was highly involved in the songwriting process and always maintained creative control over his music.

3. What genre of music was Mac Miller known for?
Mac Miller was primarily known for his work in the hip-hop genre, but he often incorporated elements of other genres such as jazz, funk, and R&B into his music.

4. How did Mac Miller influence the music industry?
Mac Miller’s introspective lyrics, unique musicality, and willingness to experiment with different genres had a significant impact on the music industry. He paved the way for a new generation of artists who prioritize vulnerability and authenticity in their music.

5. What was Mac Miller’s last album?
Mac Miller’s last album was “Swimming,” released in 2018, shortly before his death. This album received critical acclaim for its introspective themes and mature sound.

6. How did Mac Miller’s death impact the music world?
Mac Miller’s death had a profound impact on the music world, with many artists and fans mourning the loss of such a talented and promising artist. His death sparked conversations about mental health and drug addiction within the music industry, leading to increased awareness and support for those struggling with similar issues.

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