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America’s Got Talent is one of the most popular reality TV shows in the United States, known for showcasing extraordinary talent from all walks of life. Each season, millions of viewers tune in to watch a diverse range of performers compete for a chance to win the coveted title and a grand prize of $1 million.

After weeks of auditions and nail-biting elimination rounds, the competition narrows down to the top 10 contestants. These finalists have wowed the judges and captured the hearts of millions with their exceptional skills, creativity, and raw talent. Let’s take a closer look at some of America’s Got Talent’s most memorable top 10 acts.

1. Grace VanderWaal (Season 11):
At the young age of 12, Grace VanderWaal captivated the audience and judges with her soulful singing and self-written songs. Her unique voice and ukulele playing earned her the title, making her the youngest winner in the show’s history.

2. Shin Lim (Season 13):
Shin Lim, a renowned magician, left both the judges and viewers in awe with his mesmerizing card tricks and sleight of hand. His ability to seamlessly combine storytelling with magic tricks earned him the top spot and a dedicated fanbase.

3. Terry Fator (Season 2):
Terry Fator is a ventriloquist and impressionist who won the hearts of America with his uncanny ability to bring his puppet characters to life. His act was a perfect blend of comedy, music, and ventriloquism, making him a standout contestant.

4. Darci Lynne Farmer (Season 12):
Darci Lynne Farmer, a young ventriloquist, wowed everyone with her flawless performances and adorable puppet companions. Her ability to sing with exceptional ventriloquism skills made her an instant favorite among viewers of all ages.

5. Kodi Lee (Season 14):
Kodi Lee, a singer and pianist who is blind and has autism, moved the audience to tears with his incredible musical talent. His performances were not only remarkable but also served as a powerful reminder of the transcendence of music.

6. Bianca Ryan (Season 1):
Bianca Ryan’s stunning vocals and powerful stage presence mesmerized the judges and secured her place in the top 10. As the show’s first winner, she set a high standard for future contestants.

7. Mat Franco (Season 9):
Mat Franco, a magician, won over America with his impressive close-up magic tricks and engaging stage presence. His ability to involve the audience and create awe-inspiring moments made his performances unforgettable.

8. Courtney Hadwin (Season 13):
Courtney Hadwin, a teenage singer with a powerful and soulful voice, astounded the judges with her unique rock-and-roll style. Her explosive performances and undeniable stage presence garnered her a top spot in the competition.

9. Michael Grimm (Season 5):
Michael Grimm, a soulful singer with a bluesy voice, captivated audiences with his heartfelt performances. His ability to connect with the audience through his music made him a memorable contestant.

10. Olate Dogs (Season 7):
Olate Dogs, a group of talented canine performers, showcased their incredible tricks and agility on the show. Their adorable and heartwarming act proved that talent knows no bounds, captivating both young and old viewers.

These top 10 acts not only demonstrated exceptional talent but also proved that following one’s passion and working hard can lead to extraordinary achievements. Whether it’s through singing, magic, ventriloquism, or a unique skill, America’s Got Talent continues to inspire viewers by showcasing the best of what people can achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1. How are the top 10 acts chosen on America’s Got Talent?
– The top 10 acts are chosen through a combination of viewer votes and judge’s decisions during the elimination rounds.

2. How much prize money does the winner of America’s Got Talent receive?
– The winner of America’s Got Talent receives a grand prize of $1 million.

3. Are the top 10 acts from America’s Got Talent successful after the show?
– Many of the top 10 acts from America’s Got Talent have gone on to have successful careers in their respective fields, including music, magic, and entertainment.

4. Do the top 10 acts on America’s Got Talent go on a national tour?
– Some of the top 10 acts on America’s Got Talent have the opportunity to go on a national tour as part of the America’s Got Talent Live show.

5. Can anyone audition for America’s Got Talent?
– Yes, anyone with a unique talent can audition for America’s Got Talent, regardless of age or background.

6. How long has America’s Got Talent been on the air?
– America’s Got Talent first premiered in 2006 and has since become one of the longest-running reality TV shows in the United States.

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