Dua Lipa Top 10 Songs

Dua Lipa is a British singer and songwriter who has taken the music industry by storm with her catchy hooks, powerful vocals, and charismatic stage presence. With a string of chart-topping hits and a rapidly growing fan base, Dua Lipa has established herself as one of the biggest names in pop music. In this blog post, we will explore her top 10 songs and delve into what makes them so popular.

1. “New Rules” – Released in 2017, “New Rules” is an anthem for anyone going through a tough breakup. Its infectious chorus and empowering lyrics resonated with audiences worldwide, propelling Dua Lipa into mainstream success.

2. “Don’t Start Now” – This disco-infused banger was released in 2019 and became an instant hit. The song’s catchy melody, groovy bassline, and confident lyrics made it a favorite on dancefloors and radio stations alike.

3. “One Kiss” (with Calvin Harris) – Teaming up with renowned DJ Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa delivered a summer anthem in 2018. “One Kiss” combines upbeat electronic production with Dua Lipa’s sultry vocals, creating a perfect blend of pop and dance music.

4. “IDGAF” – With its sassy lyrics and infectious beat, “IDGAF” struck a chord with listeners who were tired of dealing with toxic relationships. The song’s empowering message and Dua Lipa’s powerhouse vocals solidified its position as one of her top tracks.

5. “Physical” – Released in 2020, “Physical” is a high-energy pop song that pays homage to the ’80s. Its catchy chorus and upbeat production make it impossible to resist dancing along to.

6. “Be the One” – Dua Lipa’s breakthrough single, “Be the One” showcases her unique vocals and songwriting abilities. Released in 2015, this track was a turning point in her career and helped her gain recognition in the music industry.

7. “Levitating” – This feel-good pop track, released in 2020, has a disco-inspired sound that became an instant hit. Dua Lipa’s smooth vocals and the song’s infectious melody make it a standout in her discography.

8. “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” – Bursting with confidence and attitude, “Blow Your Mind (Mwah)” was a breakthrough hit for Dua Lipa. Its addictive chorus and catchy pop production showcased her unique style and set her apart from other artists.

9. “Hotter Than Hell” – Released as a single in 2016, “Hotter Than Hell” helped establish Dua Lipa as a rising star. The song’s catchy chorus and powerful vocals showcased her ability to deliver a memorable pop banger.

10. “Love Again” – This emotional ballad, released in 2020, showcases Dua Lipa’s vulnerability and talent as a singer-songwriter. The song’s heartfelt lyrics and soaring vocals make it a fan favorite and a standout track on her second studio album.


1. What is Dua Lipa’s most popular song?
Dua Lipa’s most popular song to date is “New Rules,” which became a global hit and catapulted her into the mainstream music scene.

2. Has Dua Lipa won any awards for her music?
Yes, Dua Lipa has won numerous awards throughout her career, including Grammy Awards, Brit Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards.

3. Where is Dua Lipa from?
Dua Lipa was born in London, England. She moved to Kosovo at the age of 13, where she lived for a few years before returning to London to pursue her music career.

4. Is Dua Lipa a songwriter?
Yes, Dua Lipa is not only a talented singer but also a skilled songwriter. She has co-written many of her own songs and has collaborated with renowned songwriters in the industry.

5. What is the meaning behind Dua Lipa’s song “IDGAF”?
“IDGAF” stands for “I Don’t Give a F*#k” and is a song about moving on from a toxic relationship and finding empowerment in independence.

6. Has Dua Lipa collaborated with other artists?
Yes, Dua Lipa has collaborated with several artists, including Calvin Harris, BLACKPINK, and Silk City (Diplo and Mark Ronson), among others. These collaborations have resulted in some of her most successful songs.

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