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38 Special, also known as .38 Special, is an American rock band that gained popularity in the late 1970s and 1980s. With their Southern rock sound and catchy tunes, they became one of the most successful rock bands of their time. In this blog post, we will dive into their top 10 songs, exploring their music and the reasons why these songs have remained fan favorites over the years.

1. “Hold On Loosely” – Released in 1981, this song is perhaps 38 Special’s most iconic and well-known track. With its catchy guitar riff and memorable chorus, it perfectly captures the essence of their sound.

2. “Caught Up in You” – Another fan favorite, this 1982 hit helped solidify 38 Special’s place in the mainstream rock scene. Its infectious melody and relatable lyrics make it a timeless classic.

3. “Second Chance” – This power ballad, released in 1989, showcases the band’s softer side. With its heartfelt lyrics and soaring vocals, it became an instant hit and remains one of their most beloved songs.

4. “Rockin’ Into the Night” – This energetic anthem, released in 1980, features a driving guitar riff and a powerful chorus that will have you singing along. Its hard-hitting sound is quintessentially 38 Special.

5. “If I’d Been the One” – The introspective lyrics of this 1984 hit strike a chord with many listeners. The beautiful harmonies and catchy melody make it one of their standout songs.

6. “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys” – This Southern rock anthem, released in 1981, pays homage to their roots. The energetic guitar riffs and powerful vocals capture the spirit of the South and the band’s unique sound.

7. “Fantasy Girl” – With its infectious groove and memorable chorus, this 1981 track showcases 38 Special’s ability to create catchy and memorable songs. It remains a go-to song for fans.

8. “Back Where You Belong” – Released in 1984, this track features a driving rhythm and sing-along chorus that will have you hooked from the first note. It’s a great example of the band’s ability to create radio-friendly hits.

9. “Teacher, Teacher” – This upbeat rock song, released in 1984, showcases the band’s high-energy performance and tight musicianship. Its catchy chorus and sing-along lyrics make it a crowd favorite.

10. “Like No Other Night” – This 1986 hit delivers a powerful message and showcases the band’s versatility. With its anthemic chorus and passionate vocals, it stands out as one of their most memorable songs.

These top 10 songs represent the best of 38 Special’s discography and illustrate why they have remained popular among rock fans. Their signature sound, blending Southern rock with catchy melodies and relatable lyrics, continues to resonate with audiences today.


1. What is the most popular song by 38 Special?
“Hold On Loosely” is widely regarded as their most popular and iconic song.

2. When did 38 Special achieve their greatest success?
In the late 1970s and 1980s, 38 Special achieved their greatest commercial success with multiple chart-topping hits and sold-out concerts.

3. Are any members of 38 Special still active in the music industry?
Yes, some members of the band are still active in the music industry, occasionally performing live shows and releasing new music.

4. Did 38 Special have any other notable songs besides the top 10 mentioned?
Yes, 38 Special had numerous other hits, including “Back to Paradise,” “Somebody Like You,” and “Stone Cold Believer,” among others.

5. What genre of music does 38 Special belong to?
38 Special is primarily known as a Southern rock band, but their sound also incorporates elements of hard rock and pop rock.

6. Are there any upcoming tours or concerts featuring 38 Special?
Please check their official website or social media accounts for information on any upcoming tours or concerts.

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