Top 10 Countries with Most Waterfalls in the World

But which countries have the most waterfalls in the world? This is not an easy question to answer, as there is no definitive list or criteria for counting waterfalls. However, based on some sources and estimates, we have compiled a list of the top 10 countries with the most waterfalls in the world.

Note that this list is not based on any official or scientific data, and it may not include all the waterfalls that exist in each country. It is also possible that some waterfalls may be shared by more than one country, such as Ban Gioc–Detian Falls between China and Vietnam. Therefore, this list should be taken as a rough guide and not as a definitive ranking.

1. Norway Home to the awe-inspiring fjords, Norway has a topography that makes it ideal for waterfalls. Among the most famous is the Seven Sisters Waterfall in Geirangerfjord. The country’s steep mountains and abundant rainfall mean there are countless waterfalls dotted across its scenic landscape.

2. Canada Thanks to its vast and varied terrain, Canada is teeming with waterfalls. Niagara Falls, shared with the USA, is perhaps the most famous. However, there are countless others spread across its vast provinces, many hidden within its dense forests and national parks.

3. New Zealand New Zealand’s rugged landscape, carved out by glaciers, is the perfect setting for waterfalls. Whether you’re exploring the North or South Island, you’re bound to encounter some breathtaking cascades. The Sutherland Falls, one of the world’s tallest waterfalls, is a must-visit.

4. Brazil Brazil, while known for the Amazon and its beaches, is also home to numerous waterfalls. The Iguazu Falls, which it shares with Argentina, comprises of 275 individual falls and is arguably more impressive than even Niagara.

5. Venezuela Venezuela is home to the Angel Falls, the highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world. Located in the Canaima National Park, its water drops from an astonishing height of 979 meters.

6. India The subcontinent boasts a wide variety of waterfalls, from the Jog Falls in Karnataka to the Dudhsagar Falls in Goa. The monsoon season especially brings many of these falls to life, turning them into roaring spectacles.

7. Australia Australia’s diverse landscapes mean there are plenty of beautiful waterfalls to explore. From the tropical rainforests of Queensland to the rugged outback, waterfalls like Jim Jim in the Kakadu National Park are hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

8. Iceland Almost every tourist in Iceland is treated to the sight of a waterfall. With melting glaciers and plenty of rain, waterfalls like the Gullfoss and Seljalandsfoss are some of the country’s top attractions.

9. Argentina While it shares the Iguazu Falls with Brazil, Argentina has many other waterfalls worth exploring. The country’s varied landscapes, from jungles to the Andes, give birth to numerous cascades.

10. USA Apart from the Niagara, the USA is home to numerous other waterfalls, like the Yosemite Falls in California and the Multnomah Falls in Oregon, both set within picturesque landscapes.

Waterfalls are nature’s way of entertaining and awing us with its splendor. Each of these countries provides a unique setting and backdrop for these cascading beauties, making them well worth a visit for every traveler.


Which country has the highest number of waterfalls?

Norway is often considered to have the highest number of named waterfalls due to its unique topography.

What is the tallest waterfall in the world?

Angel Falls in Venezuela is the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, with a height of 979 meters.

Do all waterfalls originate from rivers?

While many waterfalls are found along rivers, they can also originate from glaciers, springs, and even underground water sources.

How are waterfalls formed?

Waterfalls are usually formed due to erosion. As water flows, it erodes the rock, forming a drop. Over time, this drop becomes more pronounced, leading to the formation of a waterfall.

Are waterfalls a good source of hydroelectric power?

Yes, many waterfalls around the world are used as sources for hydroelectric power due to the potential energy they possess.

How can I safely visit a waterfall?

When visiting waterfalls, it’s essential to wear sturdy footwear, stay on designated paths, and be wary of slippery surfaces. Always follow local guidelines and signage.

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