Top 10 Busiest Costco Stores In California

California is well-known for its bustling cities, vibrant culture, and diverse population. It is also home to several Costco stores, which consistently attract a large number of customers. In this article, we will explore the top 10 busiest Costco stores in California, giving you a glimpse into the incredible popularity of these warehouse clubs.

1. Costco in Los Angeles – Los Angeles is undoubtedly one of the busiest cities in California, and it comes as no surprise that the Costco here ranks as one of the busiest in the state. Located in the heart of the city, this Costco is a favorite among residents and visitors alike.

2. Costco in San Diego – With its stunning beaches and lively atmosphere, San Diego draws in millions of tourists every year. The local Costco is a go-to destination for both locals and vacationers, attracting a significant amount of foot traffic.

3. Costco in San Francisco – As one of the most iconic cities in California, San Francisco’s Costco enjoys a high level of popularity. The city’s tech-savvy residents, along with its constant stream of tourists, contribute to its ranking as one of the busiest Costco stores in the state.

4. Costco in Sacramento – Sacramento, the capital of California, is not only a political hub but also a bustling city with a growing population. The local Costco caters to the needs of its diverse residents, making it a busy and essential shopping destination.

5. Costco in San Jose – Known as the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose is home to numerous technology giants. The Costco here attracts not only tech professionals but also residents of neighboring cities, contributing to its high customer flow.

6. Costco in Fresno – Located in the Central Valley of California, Fresno serves as a hub for agriculture and agribusiness. The local Costco caters to the needs of farmers and locals alike, making it a busy and essential shopping destination in the region.

7. Costco in Bakersfield – Bakersfield, a city nestled in the southern part of the San Joaquin Valley, is known for its oil production and vibrant music scene. The busy Costco here accommodates the needs of residents and passersby, making it an attractive shopping destination.

8. Costco in Riverside – Situated in the Inland Empire region of California, Riverside is a thriving city with a growing population. The Costco in Riverside sees a steady flow of customers, serving as a one-stop-shop for residents in the area.

9. Costco in Orange County – As one of the most affluent counties in California, Orange County is home to a large number of Costco club members. The Costco stores in this area attract a significant amount of customer traffic, offering a wide range of products and services.

10. Costco in San Bernardino – San Bernardino, located in the Inland Empire region, is a bustling city with a diverse population. The local Costco caters to the needs of residents, making it a popular destination for shoppers looking for quality products at great prices.


1. Are these Costco stores open to the general public?
– Yes, Costco stores are open to both members and non-members, although membership offers additional benefits and discounts.

2. Do Costco stores offer a wide range of products?
– Yes, Costco stores are well-known for their extensive selection of products, including groceries, electronics, household items, and more.

3. Are the busiest Costco stores in California always crowded?
– The busiest Costco stores in California can experience high foot traffic, especially during weekends and holidays. However, Costco’s efficient operations usually ensure a smooth shopping experience.

4. Can I find Costco stores in other parts of California?
– Yes, Costco has locations throughout the state of California, from large cities to smaller towns, making it accessible to residents across the region.

5. How can I become a member of Costco?
– Membership to Costco can be obtained by applying online or at any Costco warehouse location. There is an annual membership fee that provides access to exclusive deals and benefits.

6. Do the busiest Costco stores in California have special features or services?
– While all Costco stores offer similar services and features, the busiest locations may have additional amenities such as gas stations, food courts, and tire centers to cater to the high volume of customers.

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