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If you’re a fan of Korean dramas, you’re probably familiar with the term “bl” or “boys love.” BL dramas have gained immense popularity not only in South Korea but also globally. These dramas explore LGBTQ+ themes and relationships, providing viewers with heartfelt stories filled with romance, drama, and character growth. In this article, we’ll be highlighting the top 10 BL Korean dramas that have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

1. “Where Your Eyes Linger” (2020): This drama tells the story of a wealthy heir and his loyal bodyguard, who find themselves entangled in a complicated love triangle. With just eight episodes, it succeeds in delivering a compelling romance and addresses the challenges faced by same-sex couples.

2. “HIStory 3: Trapped” (2019): This installment of the popular “HIStory” series focuses on a doctor and a high school student who develop a deep bond despite their age difference. As their relationship blossoms, they face obstacles that test their commitment to each other.

3. “The Untamed” (2019): While not strictly a BL drama, “The Untamed” features a profound and heartwarming relationship between two male protagonists. Set in a world of magic, cultivation techniques, and political intrigue, this drama explores love, friendship, and destiny in a beautifully nuanced manner.

4. “Mr. Heart” (2020): This sports-themed BL drama centers around a swimmer who loses his eyesight in an accident and his supportive coach who believes in his potential to compete again. “Mr. Heart” delves into themes of determination, self-discovery, and the power of love.

5. “Love by Chance” (2018): This drama follows the unexpected romance between a university engineering student and a famous Thai musician. With a charismatic cast and charming storyline, “Love by Chance” has become a fan favorite in the BL drama genre.

6. “Where Your Eyes Linger 2” (2021): A sequel to the popular series, “Where Your Eyes Linger 2” continues the story of Tae Joo and Goo Koo, exploring their lives after the events of the first season. With more emotional depth and character development, this drama is a must-watch for BL enthusiasts.

7. “Great Men Academy” (2019): A unique twist on the BL genre, “Great Men Academy” is set in a school where male students turn into beautiful girls. This fantasy drama follows the journey of a boy who must navigate love and self-acceptance amidst this gender-bending environment.

8. “2gether: The Series” (2020): This immensely popular drama gained a massive following for its adorable couple and sweet romance. “2gether: The Series” revolves around a university student who enters a fake relationship with a handsome and popular musician, which eventually blossoms into something real.

9. “Color Rush” (2020): In this heartwarming short series, a man with achromatopsia, a rare condition that makes him see the world in black and white, meets a musician who brings vibrant colors into his life. “Color Rush” explores the beauty of acceptance and finding love in unexpected circumstances.

10. “Lovely Writer” (2021): This highly anticipated drama centers around a talented writer of BL novels who falls for a charming actor who plays the lead role in one of his stories. With an intriguing plot and captivating chemistry, “Lovely Writer” promises to be an enthralling addition to the BL genre.


1. What are BL Korean dramas?
BL stands for “boys love” and refers to dramas that explore LGBTQ+ relationships, particularly those between male characters.

2. Are BL Korean dramas popular in South Korea?
While BL dramas have gained a significant global following, they are still a niche genre in South Korea. However, their popularity has been steadily increasing over the years.

3. Do BL Korean dramas only focus on romance?
Although romance is a central theme in BL dramas, these series also address various other aspects such as personal growth, societal challenges, and friendship.

4. Is it common for BL Korean dramas to have multiple seasons?
While some BL dramas have multiple seasons, it is not a common occurrence. Sequels are usually dependent on the success and popularity of the initial season.

5. Are BL Korean dramas only available in Korean?
While BL Korean dramas are primarily produced in the Korean language, many of them have been translated and subbed into various languages, making them accessible to a wider audience.

6. Are BL Korean dramas appropriate for all age groups?
BL Korean dramas typically have age restrictions due to their mature content and themes. It’s important to check the age rating before watching to ensure it is suitable for your age group.

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