Top 10 Ballet Companies In The Us

Ballet is a beautiful and elegant art form that requires precision, grace, and skill. In the United States, there are many talented ballet companies that are known for their exceptional performances and innovative choreography. In this article, we will explore the top 10 ballet companies in the US.

1. American Ballet Theatre (ABT): Founded in 1939, ABT is one of the most renowned ballet companies in America. Known for its diverse repertoire and world-class dancers, ABT has successfully blended classical ballet with contemporary works.

2. New York City Ballet (NYCB): Founded by the legendary choreographer George Balanchine, NYCB is synonymous with innovation and creativity. With a strong emphasis on technique and athleticism, NYCB pushes the boundaries of ballet while still honoring its traditional roots.

3. San Francisco Ballet (SFB): Established in 1933, SFB has become one of the most respected ballet companies in the country. Known for its impeccable technique and artistic excellence, SFB has a wide-ranging repertoire that includes both classical and contemporary ballets.

4. Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB): Based in Seattle, PNB is known for its unique blend of classic and contemporary works. Led by artistic director Peter Boal, PNB attracts talented dancers from around the world and consistently delivers exceptional performances.

5. Houston Ballet: With a strong emphasis on storytelling and theatricality, Houston Ballet has established itself as one of the leading ballet companies in the US. Led by artistic director Stanton Welch, Houston Ballet presents a diverse repertoire that ranges from classic ballets to new commissions.

6. Miami City Ballet: Known for its vibrant and energetic performances, Miami City Ballet has gained recognition for its commitment to excellence. Led by artistic director Lourdes Lopez, the company showcases a variety of ballet styles and has a particular focus on the works of George Balanchine.

7. Joffrey Ballet: Founded in 1956, Joffrey Ballet is renowned for its groundbreaking collaborations and innovative approach to ballet. With a diverse and exciting repertoire, Joffrey Ballet continues to push the boundaries of the art form under the leadership of artistic director Ashley Wheater.

8. Boston Ballet: Established in 1963, Boston Ballet has become one of the leading ballet companies in the US. With a commitment to artistic excellence and a diverse repertoire, Boston Ballet attracts world-class dancers from around the globe.

9. Pennsylvania Ballet: Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ballet has been captivating audiences with its stunning performances for over 50 years. Under the direction of artistic director Angel Corella, the company presents a mix of classic and contemporary works that showcase the dancers’ technical prowess and artistry.

10. Ballet West: Founded in 1963, Ballet West is known for its strong classical technique and captivating storytelling. Based in Salt Lake City, Ballet West presents a diverse range of ballets, from beloved classics to new works by contemporary choreographers.


1. How does a ballet company choose its repertoire?
Ballet companies choose their repertoire based on a variety of factors, including artistic vision, dancer abilities, audience preferences, and collaborations with choreographers.

2. How can one become a professional ballet dancer?
Becoming a professional ballet dancer requires years of dedication, training, and hard work. It usually starts with early training in a reputable ballet school, followed by auditions and further training at a professional ballet academy or company.

3. Can men be ballet dancers?
Yes, men can be ballet dancers. In fact, male dancers play an essential role in ballet, partnering with female dancers and performing breathtaking lifts and jumps.

4. Are there any age limitations for starting ballet?
While it is ideal to start ballet training at a young age, there is no strict age limit for beginning ballet classes. Many ballet schools offer classes for adults, beginners, and students of all ages.

5. How long does it take to become a professional ballet dancer?
The time it takes to become a professional ballet dancer varies for each individual. It typically takes several years of intensive training and practice to develop the necessary skills and technique to perform at a professional level.

6. Can ballet companies perform modern or contemporary dance?
Yes, many ballet companies incorporate modern or contemporary dance into their repertoire. This allows them to showcase a wider range of styles and attract a more diverse audience.

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