Top 10 Airlines In The Philippines

When it comes to air travel in the Philippines, there are several airlines that stand out for their quality service, extensive routes, and excellent customer satisfaction. In this article, we will take a closer look at the top 10 airlines in the Philippines, providing you with an overview of what makes them unique and why they should be your top choices for traveling within the country.

1. Philippine Airlines (PAL): As the flag carrier of the Philippines, PAL has a long-standing reputation for its wide range of domestic and international destinations, comfortable flights, and exceptional in-flight service. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, PAL offers various amenities and services to make your journey enjoyable.

2. Cebu Pacific Air: Known for its low-cost fares and extensive route network, Cebu Pacific Air is a popular choice among travelers looking for affordable flights within the Philippines. Despite its budget-friendly approach, the airline maintains a high standard of service and ensures a comfortable experience for its passengers.

3. AirAsia Philippines: As a subsidiary of AirAsia, one of the world’s largest low-cost carriers, AirAsia Philippines provides affordable flights to both domestic and international destinations. Offering a seamless travel experience, AirAsia Philippines focuses on efficiency, punctuality, and customer satisfaction.

4. SkyJet Airlines: If you’re looking to explore the beautiful islands of the Philippines, SkyJet Airlines is a great option. With their small fleet of turboprop aircraft, SkyJet Airlines offers flights to popular beach destinations like Boracay, Coron, and Siargao, providing a convenient way to reach these paradise locations.

5. PAL Express: As a subsidiary of Philippine Airlines, PAL Express focuses on domestic flights to secondary destinations in the Philippines. Offering competitive fares and a convenient flight schedule, PAL Express ensures a smooth travel experience for passengers traveling to cities not typically served by major airlines.

6. AirSwift: For those looking to explore the stunning landscapes of Palawan, AirSwift is the airline of choice. Specializing in flights to El Nido, AirSwift provides a hassle-free journey to one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in the country.

7. Philippine AirAsia: Another subsidiary of AirAsia, Philippine AirAsia offers affordable flights to various domestic and international destinations. With their modern fleet and commitment to customer satisfaction, Philippine AirAsia provides a convenient and comfortable travel experience.

8. Tigerair Philippines: Formerly known as SEAir, Tigerair Philippines offers flights to several destinations in the Philippines. With competitive fares and a focus on passenger convenience, Tigerair Philippines ensures a hassle-free experience for travelers.

9. Cebgo: Another subsidiary of Cebu Pacific Air, Cebgo operates flights to smaller airports in the Philippines, providing connectivity to remote destinations. Offering affordable fares and a reliable service, Cebgo is a popular choice for passengers looking to explore off-the-beaten-path locations.

10. Philippine AirAsia Zest: Following the merger of AirAsia Philippines and Zest Airways, Philippine AirAsia Zest was established. This airline offers affordable flights to domestic and international destinations, combining the strengths of both airlines to deliver a high-quality travel experience.

In conclusion, these top 10 airlines in the Philippines provide a range of options for travelers, from full-service carriers to low-cost airlines, offering extensive domestic and international routes. Whatever your travel preferences and budget, you can find an airline that suits your needs, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable journey.


1. Are these airlines safe to fly with?
Yes, these airlines prioritize passenger safety and adhere to strict safety standards set by aviation authorities.

2. Which airline offers the cheapest fares?
Cebu Pacific Air and AirAsia Philippines are typically known for their low-cost fares and frequent promotions.

3. Can I book flights directly through the airlines’ websites?
Yes, all of these airlines offer online booking services through their websites, making it convenient for passengers to secure their flights.

4. Are meals and drinks included in the ticket price?
For full-service carriers like Philippine Airlines, meals and drinks are often included in the ticket price. However, for low-cost carriers, meals and drinks may be available for purchase onboard.

5. Can I bring luggage on these flights?
Each airline has its own baggage policy, but generally, passengers are allowed to bring carry-on and checked luggage, with specific weight and size restrictions.

6. Do these airlines have a frequent flyer program?
Yes, Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific Air, and AirAsia Philippines have frequent flyer programs that reward loyal passengers with various benefits and privileges.

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