Top 10 4Th Gen Kpop Groups

Top 10 4th Generation Kpop Groups: Rising Stars of the Music Industry

In the ever-evolving world of Kpop, the fourth generation of Kpop groups has undoubtedly made their mark and stolen the hearts of fans worldwide. With fresh talent, mesmerizing performances, and unique musical styles, these groups have emerged as rising stars in the music industry. Here, we present the top 10 4th generation Kpop groups that have taken the world by storm.

1. BTS:
Leading the pack is none other than BTS, the global superstars who have taken Kpop to unprecedented heights. Known for their powerful performances, meaningful lyrics, and immense talent, BTS has captured the hearts of millions with their chart-topping hits.

The fierce quartet from YG Entertainment, BLACKPINK, has taken the world by storm with their infectious energy and fierce charm. With their unique blend of hip-hop, pop, and EDM, BLACKPINK has become a force to be reckoned with in the Kpop industry.

3. NCT:
NCT, a diverse and ever-evolving boy group managed by SM Entertainment, has quickly risen to prominence with their experimental sound and dynamic performances. With subunits catering to different musical styles, NCT has a little something for everyone.

TWICE, the nine-member girl group from JYP Entertainment, has gained a massive global following with their catchy tunes and energetic performances. Known for their infectious charm, TWICE has become a symbol of girl power in the Kpop industry.

SEVENTEEN, a self-produced boy group from Pledis Entertainment, has managed to carve a niche for themselves with their impressive synchronization and addictive tracks. Known for their large-scale performances, SEVENTEEN leaves no stone unturned in entertaining their fans.

6. ITZY:
Debuting in 2019, the girl group ITZY has gained a significant following in a short span of time. Known for their bold and empowering concept, ITZY brings a fresh and unique style that sets them apart from other groups in the industry.

7. TXT (Tomorrow X Together):
Big Hit Entertainment’s brother group to BTS, TXT, has made an impact with their youthful energy and charismatic performances. With their catchy melodies and relatable lyrics, TXT has become a fan-favorite among Kpop enthusiasts around the globe.

ATEEZ, a rookie boy group from KQ Entertainment, has garnered attention with their powerful performances and strong stage presence. With their distinct sound and captivating storytelling, ATEEZ has quickly gained popularity among Kpop fans.

9. Stray Kids:
Known for their self-produced music and meaningful lyrics, Stray Kids has established themselves as a prominent force in the 4th generation Kpop scene. With their raw talent and authentic personalities, Stray Kids has won over the hearts of fans worldwide.

10. (G)I-DLE:
(G)I-DLE, a South Korean girl group under Cube Entertainment, has made waves with their bold and unapologetic style. With their strong vocals and charismatic performances, (G)I-DLE has become renowned for their edgy and unconventional approach to music.

These 10 4th generation Kpop groups have undoubtedly made their presence felt in the industry. With their unique styles, talent, and unwavering dedication, they have captured the hearts of fans worldwide.


1. Who is the most popular 4th generation Kpop group?
BTS undoubtedly holds the title of being the most popular 4th generation Kpop group. Their global success, dedicated fanbase, and exceptional talent have propelled them to new heights in the music industry.

2. Are there any co-ed 4th generation Kpop groups?
Currently, there are no notable co-ed Kpop groups in the 4th generation. However, co-ed groups have been a part of the Kpop industry in previous generations.

3. Which 4th generation Kpop group has the largest fandom?
BTS, once again, takes the lead in having the largest and most dedicated fanbase, known as the “ARMY.” Their fandom’s unwavering support and love for the group have been pivotal in their success.

4. How do 4th generation Kpop groups differ from previous generations?
4th generation Kpop groups often focus on tackling diverse genres, experimenting with different concepts, and incorporating self-produced music. They also place a strong emphasis on authenticity and connecting with fans through various forms of media.

5. Are there any 4th generation Kpop groups from smaller agencies?
Yes, several 4th generation Kpop groups have emerged from smaller agencies and managed to gain significant popularity. These groups often bring fresh perspectives and unique styles to the industry.

6. Do these 4th generation Kpop groups have international fans?
Absolutely! These 4th generation Kpop groups have garnered massive international fame and have millions of fans from all over the world. They regularly embark on world tours and interact with their fans through social media platforms.

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