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Kesha, the renowned American singer, has captivated audiences around the world with her unique blend of pop and electro-pop music. Known for her bold and infectious personality, she has managed to create a distinct musical identity that resonates with a wide range of listeners. With numerous chart-topping hits under her belt, Kesha has undeniably made a significant impact on the music industry. In this blog post, we will delve into Kesha’s top 10 songs, highlighting her most popular and memorable tracks.

1. “Tik Tok” – Kesha’s breakthrough single, “Tik Tok,” propelled her to stardom in 2009. This high-energy song perfectly showcases her carefree and rebellious attitude, with its catchy chorus and infectious beats.

2. “Die Young” – Released in 2012, “Die Young” combines Kesha’s signature pop sound with EDM influences. The song’s electrifying melodies and party-ready lyrics make it a favorite among fans and a staple at her live performances.

3. “Praying” – In 2017, Kesha made a powerful comeback with the release of “Praying.” This emotionally charged ballad showcases her vulnerability and serves as a testament to her resilience in the face of adversity.

4. “We R Who We R” – As an anthem of self-empowerment, “We R Who We R” became an instant hit upon its release in 2010. The song’s infectious energy and catchy hooks solidified Kesha’s status as a pop icon.

5. “Your Love Is My Drug” – This playful and addictive track showcases Kesha’s signature blend of pop and electro-pop elements. Released in 2010, the song’s memorable chorus and catchy lyrics continue to resonate with fans.

6. “Take It Off” – With its danceable beat and synth-driven melodies, “Take It Off” quickly became a fan-favorite upon its release in 2010. The song’s infectious energy and rebellious spirit perfectly encapsulate Kesha’s unique style.

7. “Blow” – Known for its infectious pop hooks and bold lyrics, “Blow” became a huge hit for Kesha in 2011. The song’s playful and energetic vibe makes it a standout in her discography.

8. “Cannibal” – This catchy and slightly dark pop track showcases Kesha’s versatility as an artist. With its haunting melodies and addictive beats, “Cannibal” stands out as one of her most intriguing songs.

9. “Rainbow” – The title track of her 2017 album, “Rainbow,” showcases Kesha’s growth as an artist. This introspective ballad highlights her vocal range and emotional depth, leaving a lasting impact on listeners.

10. “Sleazy Remix 2.0” – This remix featuring AndrĂ© 3000, Lil Wayne, T.I., and Wiz Khalifa adds a new dimension to Kesha’s original song “Sleazy.” The collaboration brings together some of rap’s biggest names, making it a standout track in Kesha’s discography.

Overall, Kesha’s top 10 songs represent her ability to create infectious pop music with a unique twist. Her catchy hooks, bold lyrics, and energetic performances have made her one of the most influential and beloved artists of her generation.


1. What is Kesha’s most popular song?
Kesha’s most popular song is “Tik Tok,” which became a global sensation upon its release.

2. Does Kesha write her own songs?
Yes, Kesha is actively involved in the songwriting process and has co-written many of her hits.

3. Has Kesha won any awards for her music?
Yes, Kesha has received numerous awards throughout her career, including Billboard Music Awards and MTV Video Music Awards.

4. What is Kesha’s musical style?
Kesha’s musical style combines elements of pop, electro-pop, and EDM, with a distinct and rebellious edge.

5. How many albums has Kesha released?
Kesha has released five studio albums: “Animal,” “Warrior,” “Rainbow,” “High Road,” and “Reimagined.”

6. Is Kesha still making music?
Yes, Kesha continues to release new music and embark on tours to connect with her fans.

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