Justin Moore Top 10 Songs

Justin Moore is a country music artist who has captured the hearts of fans all over the world with his soulful voice and relatable lyrics. Over the years, Moore has released numerous hit songs that have topped the charts and solidified his place in the country music industry. In this blog post, we will be counting down Justin Moore’s top 10 songs, giving you a glimpse into his incredible talent and musical journey.

1. “Small Town USA” – Released in 2009, this song quickly became one of Moore’s biggest hits. With lyrics that paint a vivid picture of small-town life, it’s no wonder this song resonates with so many listeners.

2. “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” – This emotional ballad showcases Moore’s softer side and his ability to connect with his audience on a deeper level. The heartfelt lyrics and heartfelt delivery make this song a fan favorite.

3. “You Look Like I Need a Drink” – This catchy tune is a perfect blend of traditional country music and Moore’s unique style. The clever lyrics and infectious melody make it impossible not to sing along.

4. “Lettin’ the Night Roll” – With its upbeat tempo and catchy chorus, this song is guaranteed to get you on your feet and dancing. Moore’s energetic performance brings this fun-loving anthem to life.

5. “Til My Last Day” – This powerful love song showcases Moore’s ability to convey raw emotions through his music. The heartfelt lyrics and Moore’s passionate vocals make this song an instant classic.

6. “Bait a Hook” – In this cheeky tune, Moore playfully pokes fun at modern dating and relationships. The playful lyrics and catchy melody make it a standout song in Moore’s discography.

7. “Point at You” – This romantic ballad shows a softer side of Moore’s personality as he professes his love and devotion to his significant other. The heartfelt lyrics and memorable melody make it a fan favorite.

8. “Backwoods” – Moore proves that he’s a true country boy at heart with this lively and energetic song. The upbeat tempo and catchy chorus make it a go-to track for any country music lover.

9. “How I Got to Be This Way” – In this feel-good anthem, Moore reflects on his journey to success and the lessons he’s learned along the way. The relatable lyrics and infectious melody make it a crowd-pleaser.

10. “Somebody Else Will” – This catchy tune showcases Moore’s ability to blend traditional country sound with modern elements. The relatable lyrics and sing-along chorus make it a standout track.

In conclusion, Justin Moore has captivated audiences with his authentic and relatable music. From heartfelt ballads to catchy anthems, Moore’s top 10 songs showcase his immense talent and his ability to connect with fans on a personal level.


1. What is Justin Moore’s biggest hit?
– Justin Moore’s biggest hit to date is “Small Town USA,” which quickly climbed the charts upon its release in 2009.

2. Does Justin Moore write his own songs?
– Yes, Justin Moore co-writes many of his songs and is known for his involvement in the songwriting process.

3. Has Justin Moore won any awards for his music?
– Yes, Justin Moore has been nominated for and won numerous awards throughout his career, including the Academy of Country Music Award for New Artist of the Year in 2014.

4. How many albums has Justin Moore released?
– Justin Moore has released a total of six studio albums since his debut in 2009.

5. Does Justin Moore tour regularly?
– Yes, Justin Moore is an active touring artist and regularly performs shows and concerts for his fans across the country.

6. Has Justin Moore collaborated with other artists?
– Yes, Justin Moore has collaborated with various artists throughout his career, including Miranda Lambert on the song “Old Habits” and Brantley Gilbert on “Small Town Throwdown.”

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