Jubin Nautiyal Top 10 Songs List

Jubin Nautiyal is a talented and versatile singer who has gained immense popularity in the Indian music industry. With his soulful voice and incredible range, he has released numerous hit songs and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry.

Here is a list of the top 10 songs by Jubin Nautiyal that you should definitely add to your playlist:

1. “Tum Hi Aana” – This heart-wrenching track from the movie “Marjaavaan” has garnered millions of views on YouTube. Jubin’s emotional rendition makes this song truly unforgettable.

2. “Humnava Mere” – Known for its soul-stirring lyrics and melodious tune, this song became an instant hit. Jubin’s smooth vocals take the melody to a whole new level.

3. “Akhiyan” – A beautiful romantic track that showcases Jubin’s versatility. The song has a blend of Punjabi and Hindi lyrics, making it a favorite among listeners.

4. “Kaabil Hoon” – From the movie “Kaabil,” this song depicts love and resilience. Jubin’s passionate performance adds depth to the song, making it a must-listen.

5. “Dil Jaaniye” – Jubin lends his enchanting voice to this peppy, romantic track from the film “Khandaani Shafakhana.” The song is sure to get you grooving.

6. “Hai Pyaar Kya” – A soulful melody from the movie “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil,” this song showcases Jubin’s ability to convey emotions through his voice effortlessly.

7. “Meherbani” – This romantic track from the movie “The Shaukeens” is a sweet and soothing composition that showcases Jubin’s vocal prowess.

8. “Gazab Ka Hai Din” – A revamped version of a classic Bollywood song, this track from the movie “Dil Juunglee” brings out Jubin’s versatility and adds a contemporary touch to the original melody.

9. “Akh Lad Jaave” – A foot-tapping party track from the movie “Loveyatri,” Jubin’s energetic vocals coupled with the peppy beats make this song an instant hit.

10. “Khushi Jab Bhi Teri” – A heartwarming track from the web series “Little Things,” Jubin’s soulful voice adds depth and emotion to the lyrics.

Jubin Nautiyal has captivated audiences with his melodious voice and has become a household name in the Indian music industry. His versatile singing style and heartfelt renditions make him a favorite among listeners of all ages.


1. What are some other popular songs by Jubin Nautiyal?
– Besides the ones mentioned above, some other popular songs by Jubin Nautiyal include “Bawara Mann,” “Lo Safar,” and “Tujhe Kitna Chahein Aur.”

2. Has Jubin Nautiyal won any awards for his singing?
– Yes, Jubin Nautiyal has won several awards and nominations for his incredible singing skills. He has received the Mirchi Music Award for Best Male Vocalist for the song “Tum Hi Aana” and the Screen Award for Best Male Playback for “Zindagi Kuch Toh Bata” among others.

3. Does Jubin Nautiyal perform live concerts?
– Yes, Jubin Nautiyal is known for his electrifying live performances. He has performed at various music festivals and concerts, both in India and internationally.

4. Has Jubin Nautiyal sung in any languages other than Hindi?
– Yes, Jubin Nautiyal has sung in multiple languages, including Punjabi, Telugu, Kannada, and Gujarati. He has showcased his versatility by lending his vocals to songs in different regional languages.

5. Is Jubin Nautiyal a playback singer for Bollywood movies only?
– While Jubin Nautiyal has gained immense popularity as a playback singer in Bollywood, he has also released independent music and has collaborated with various artists for non-film songs.

6. How can I stay updated on Jubin Nautiyal’s new releases?
– You can follow Jubin Nautiyal on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to stay updated on his latest songs, concerts, and other projects.

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