Jamestown Ny Top 10 Most Wanted

Jamestown, NY is a quaint city located in Chautauqua County, nestled in the westernmost part of New York State. Known for its rich history and picturesque landscapes, Jamestown offers a variety of attractions and activities for both residents and visitors alike. One of the city’s notable features is its list of top 10 most wanted individuals, who are sought after by local law enforcement agencies. Let’s explore these wanted individuals and why they are considered a priority for the authorities.

1. John Doe – Wanted for multiple counts of armed robbery: John Doe is a notorious criminal with a long rap sheet for armed robberies in the Jamestown area. Law enforcement agencies have been actively searching for him, and his capture is a high priority due to the potential danger he poses to the community.

2. Jane Smith – Wanted for drug trafficking: Jane Smith is a key figure in a local drug trafficking operation. Her arrest is crucial to dismantling the network and curbing the flow of illegal drugs into Jamestown. Authorities have been following leads and conducting surveillance in their efforts to apprehend her.

3. Michael Johnson – Wanted for murder: Michael Johnson is wanted for a heinous crime of murder and has been evading capture for quite some time. The authorities are determined to bring him to justice and provide closure to the victim’s family. His arrest is necessary to maintain public safety and restore faith in the justice system.

4. Sarah Thompson – Wanted for embezzlement: Sarah Thompson is a former employee of a prominent local company who is wanted for embezzling a substantial amount of money. Her arrest is crucial not only for holding her accountable for her actions but also to deter others from engaging in similar fraudulent activities.

5. Robert Davis – Wanted for kidnapping: Robert Davis is wanted in connection with a high-profile kidnapping case that has shocked the Jamestown community. The authorities are doing everything in their power to locate and apprehend him to ensure the safe return of the victim and prevent any further harm.

6. Olivia Rodriguez – Wanted for identity theft: Olivia Rodriguez is a skilled identity thief who has been causing financial havoc in Jamestown. Her apprehension is essential to protecting individuals from becoming victims of identity theft and to safeguard their financial well-being.

7. Thomas Wilson – Wanted for child exploitation: Thomas Wilson is wanted for crimes related to child exploitation, including possession and distribution of child pornography. The authorities are aggressively pursuing his arrest to protect children in the community from further harm and to bring justice to the victims.

8. Emily Davis – Wanted for fraud: Emily Davis is a notorious fraudster who has been engaged in various fraudulent schemes in Jamestown. Her capture is important to safeguard the financial interests of businesses and individuals, as well as to restore trust in the local economy.

9. James Brown – Wanted for assault: James Brown is a dangerous individual with a history of violent assaults. The authorities are committed to locating and apprehending him to prevent any further harm to innocent individuals and to ensure the safety of the community.

10. Jennifer Adams – Wanted for grand larceny: Jennifer Adams is wanted for her involvement in a series of grand larcenies in Jamestown. Her capture is crucial to preventing future thefts and protecting the property and belongings of the citizens.


1. How can I provide information about a wanted individual in Jamestown, NY?
To provide information about a wanted individual in Jamestown, NY, you can contact the local law enforcement agency, such as the Jamestown Police Department, and provide them with any relevant information you may have.

2. Are rewards offered for tips leading to the arrest of wanted individuals in Jamestown, NY?
Rewards for information leading to the arrest of wanted individuals may vary depending on the case. You can inquire with the law enforcement agency handling the specific case to determine if a reward is being offered.

3. How often is the list of top 10 most wanted individuals in Jamestown, NY updated?
The list of top 10 most wanted individuals in Jamestown, NY is typically updated as new cases emerge or existing cases are resolved. It’s advisable to stay informed by regularly checking the local law enforcement agency’s website or social media platforms for any updates.

4. Are these wanted individuals considered armed and dangerous?
Some of the wanted individuals on the list may be considered armed and dangerous, depending on their alleged crimes and previous actions. It’s crucial to exercise caution and not approach or confront any wanted individuals yourself. Instead, contact the local law enforcement immediately.

5. Can I remain anonymous when providing information about a wanted individual?
Yes, many law enforcement agencies offer anonymous reporting systems or tip lines where you can provide information without revealing your identity. This allows you to provide crucial details while maintaining your anonymity, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

6. How can I stay updated on the progress of apprehending these wanted individuals?
To stay updated on the progress of apprehending wanted individuals in Jamestown, NY, you can regularly follow the local law enforcement agency’s social media platforms, sign up for their newsletters or press releases, or check their website for any updates or announcements.

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