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When it comes to iconic Australian rock bands, INXS holds a special place in the hearts of music lovers across the globe. With their unique blend of rock, pop, and new wave, they dominated the charts throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the top 10 INXS songs that have become timeless classics.

1. “Need You Tonight” – Released in 1987, this song reached the top of the charts in multiple countries and solidified INXS’ status as an international sensation. With its infectious bassline and sultry vocals, “Need You Tonight” remains one of the band’s most recognizable hits.

2. “Never Tear Us Apart” – This hauntingly beautiful ballad showcases lead singer Michael Hutchence’s soulful voice and poetic lyrics. Released in 1988, the song has become an anthem for love and resilience, transcending generations.

3. “What You Need” – Another chart-topping hit for INXS, “What You Need” is a high-energy track that perfectly captures the band’s signature sound. From the catchy guitar riffs to the powerful vocals, this song exemplifies the band’s ability to create unforgettable rock anthems.

4. “New Sensation” – With its upbeat tempo and infectious melody, “New Sensation” was a commercial success upon its release in 1988. This song perfectly encapsulates the band’s ability to fuse rock and pop elements to create a sound that is both catchy and unique.

5. “Don’t Change” – A staple of INXS’ live performances, “Don’t Change” is an anthem of self-acceptance and staying true to oneself. Released in 1982, the song remains a fan favorite and always gets the crowd singing along.

6. “Suicide Blonde” – This edgy and electrifying song, released in 1990, showcases the band’s ability to push boundaries and experiment with their sound. With its catchy chorus and provocative lyrics, “Suicide Blonde” is a standout track in the band’s discography.

7. “Mystify” – Released in 1988, “Mystify” is a hauntingly beautiful track that showcases INXS’ versatility and ability to create emotionally-driven songs. From its ethereal instrumentation to Hutchence’s mesmerizing vocals, this song continues to captivate listeners.

8. “Disappear” – This energetic and guitar-driven track was released in 1990 and remains a fan favorite. With its infectious chorus and driving rhythm section, “Disappear” showcases the band’s ability to create anthems that stand the test of time.

9. “Original Sin” – Released in 1984, “Original Sin” combines elements of rock and funk to create a song that is both danceable and thought-provoking. With its infectious hooks and powerful vocals, this track remains a standout in the band’s repertoire.

10. “Kick” – The title track from the band’s 1987 album, “Kick” is a high-energy anthem that showcases the band at their best. From its pulsating rhythm to its powerful vocals, this song perfectly captures the essence of INXS’ sound.

INXS’ music continues to resonate with audiences today, proving that their songs are timeless and still hold a special place in the world of rock music.


Q: Will INXS ever reunite and release new music?
A: Unfortunately, INXS disbanded following the tragic death of lead singer Michael Hutchence in 1997. The remaining members have continued to pay tribute to their late bandmate through various projects, but a full reunion is unlikely.

Q: Are there any INXS tribute bands?
A: Yes, there are several INXS tribute bands that have formed over the years. These bands aim to capture the energy and spirit of INXS’ live performances and keep their music alive.

Q: What was INXS’ most successful album?
A: INXS’ most successful album was “Kick,” released in 1987. The album spawned multiple hit singles and reached the top of the charts in several countries.

Q: How did INXS get their name?
A: The band originally formed under the name “The Farriss Brothers” in 1977 but later changed their name to INXS, which stands for “In Excess.”

Q: Are there any INXS documentaries or biographies?
A: Yes, there have been several documentaries and biographies released about INXS, including “INXS: Never Tear Us Apart,” a miniseries that aired in 2014, and “Michael Hutchence: The Loved One,” a documentary released in 2019.

Q: What other Australian bands were popular during the same time as INXS?
A: Some other popular Australian bands during the same time as INXS include AC/DC, Midnight Oil, and Crowded House, to name a few. Australia has a rich history of producing talented musicians who have found success internationally.

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