Free Printable 10 Apples Up On Top

Title: Free Printable: 10 Apples Up on Top Activity Sheet

Welcome to our blog, where we provide engaging and interactive content, aimed at making learning fun and accessible for children. In this post, we are excited to offer you a free printable activity sheet based on the popular children’s book, “10 Apples Up on Top” by Dr. Seuss. This activity sheet is designed to complement the book and help children further engage with the story. Let’s dive in and explore the many ways this printable can enhance your child’s learning experience!

Section 1: About the Book
“10 Apples Up on Top” is a classic Dr. Seuss book that tells the story of three animals – a lion, a tiger, and a dog – who strive to balance apples on top of their heads. As they compete with each other, chaos and hilarity ensue. The book not only teaches counting skills, but also highlights themes of teamwork, cooperation, and perseverance.

Section 2: The Free Printable Activity Sheet
Our free printable activity sheet is an excellent companion resource for reading “10 Apples Up on Top” with your child. This activity sheet includes various tasks and exercises that promote learning, creativity, and critical thinking. Here’s what you’ll find in the printable:

1. Counting Apples: Children can practice counting and number recognition by counting the apples on each animal’s head and writing the corresponding number.

2. Sequencing: The activity sheet includes pictures of the animals with and without apples on their heads. Children can cut out the images and arrange them in the correct sequence, practicing their sequencing skills and understanding of the story’s progression.

3. Writing Prompt: There is a writing prompt that encourages children to think about what they would do if they had to balance apples on top of their heads. This promotes imaginative thinking and allows children to connect with the characters in the book.

4. Coloring Fun: The printable features adorable illustrations from the book for children to color, fostering creativity and fine motor skills.

Section 3: How to Use the Printable
Using the free printable activity sheet is simple and enjoyable. Follow these steps:

1. Download and Print: Click on the provided link to download the printable PDF. Once downloaded, print as many copies as you need for your child or classroom.

2. Read the Book: Before starting the activities, read “10 Apples Up on Top” with your child. This will introduce them to the characters and the concept of balancing apples on top of heads.

3. Engage in Activities: Encourage your child to complete the various tasks on the activity sheet. Provide guidance and support as needed, fostering their learning and creativity throughout the process.

4. Discussion and Extension: After completing the activities, engage your child in a conversation about the book. Ask them about their favorite parts, what they learned, and how they related to the characters. This will help deepen their understanding and encourage further exploration.


1. Is this activity suitable for all ages?
The activity sheet is designed for children ages 4-8, but can be adapted for younger or older children with additional guidance or challenges.

2. Can I use this printable in a classroom setting?
Absolutely! Teachers can incorporate this printable into their lesson plans, either as a whole-class activity or as a fun individual task.

3. Is the printable available in different languages?
Currently, the printable is available in English only. However, you can easily adapt the activities by providing verbal instructions or translations in the desired language.

4. Can I share this printable with others?
Yes, you are welcome to share the link to this blog post with others who may find it useful. However, please refrain from directly sharing the PDF file to ensure proper credit and attribution.

5. Are there any other related resources available?
Stay tuned to our blog for more free printables and educational resources based on popular children’s books. We are constantly adding new content to support children’s learning and make it enjoyable.

6. Can I request specific printables or topics for future blog posts?
We appreciate your feedback and suggestions! Please feel free to leave a comment or contact us with any specific requests or ideas you have for future content. We value your input and strive to create content that meets your needs.

By providing this free printable activity sheet based on “10 Apples Up on Top,” we hope to enrich your child’s reading experience, foster their love for learning, and inspire creativity. Remember, learning can be fun and engaging, especially when supported by resources tailored to children’s interests. Download the printable, share it with friends and family, and let the adventures begin!

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