Don Moen Top 10 Songs

Don Moen is a renowned Christian worship leader and songwriter who has blessed millions of people around the world with his uplifting and inspiring music. With a career spanning several decades, he has released numerous albums and written countless songs that have touched the hearts of believers worldwide. In this blog post, we will explore Don Moen’s top 10 songs that have resonated deeply with listeners and continue to be cherished today.

1. “God Will Make a Way” – This iconic song is perhaps Don Moen’s most well-known and beloved track. Its powerful message of hope and trust in God’s faithfulness during difficult times has provided solace and encouragement to countless individuals facing challenges.

2. “We Give You Glory” – This uplifting anthem of praise is a reminder of God’s greatness and goodness. Its catchy melody and heartfelt lyrics make it a perfect choice for congregational worship.

3. “Give Thanks” – A timeless classic, “Give Thanks” reminds us to be grateful and express our thankfulness to God for His blessings. Its simple yet profound lyrics resonate with believers of all ages.

4. “I Will Sing” – This powerful declaration of faith and praise is a testament to Don Moen’s passion for worship. Its compelling melody and heartfelt lyrics make it a favorite among worship teams and congregations alike.

5. “Thank You, Lord” – Another expression of gratitude, this song encourages believers to acknowledge God’s goodness and faithfulness in every aspect of their lives. Its joyful melody and infectious chorus make it a popular choice for congregational singing.

6. “Hallelujah to the Lamb” – An exuberant celebration of Jesus’ sacrificial love, this song invites believers to lift their voices in praise and adoration. Its energetic rhythm and captivating lyrics make it a favorite for worship gatherings.

7. “Be Magnified” – This powerful worship ballad urges believers to exalt and magnify the Lord above all else. Its stirring melody and heartfelt lyrics make it a heartfelt declaration of God’s greatness and majesty.

8. “He Never Sleeps” – A comforting reminder of God’s constant presence and watchful care, this song reassures believers that they can find peace and rest in Him. Its soothing melody and reassuring lyrics make it a popular choice for times of worship and reflection.

9. “Here We Are” – This beautiful song of surrender and consecration is a heartfelt plea for God to work in and through our lives. Its tender melody and heartfelt lyrics make it a moving and intimate worship experience.

10. “Celebrate, Jesus, Celebrate” – A joyous celebration of Jesus’ victory over sin and death, this upbeat song encourages believers to rejoice in their salvation. Its energetic rhythm and catchy chorus make it a popular choice for praise and worship gatherings.

Don Moen’s top 10 songs encompass a variety of themes and emotions, from heartfelt thanksgiving to joyful celebration, from surrender to declaration. Each song carries a unique message and has touched the hearts of listeners around the world.


1. Is Don Moen still active in the music industry?
Yes, Don Moen continues to be active in the music industry, releasing new albums and occasionally performing live.

2. How many albums has Don Moen released?
Don Moen has released more than 20 albums throughout his career, including studio recordings and live worship albums.

3. Is Don Moen a songwriter as well?
Yes, Don Moen is not only a talented worship leader but also a prolific songwriter. He has written many of his own songs as well as co-written with other artists.

4. Are Don Moen’s songs only for Christians?
While Don Moen’s music is rooted in the Christian faith and is primarily enjoyed by believers, its universal themes of faith, hope, and gratitude can resonate with people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

5. Can I find Don Moen’s music on streaming platforms?
Yes, Don Moen’s music is available on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

6. Does Don Moen still tour and perform live concerts?
Yes, Don Moen occasionally tours and performs live concerts, sharing his music and message with audiences around the world.

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