Dave Portnoy Top 10 Pizza Scores

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, is renowned for his love of pizza and his famous “One Bite” pizza reviews. Over the years, Portnoy has traveled to various pizzerias across the United States, sharing his experiences and rating each slice. With so many pizza scores under his belt, it can be hard to keep track of them all. In this blog post, we will recap Dave Portnoy’s top 10 pizza scores, highlighting some of the best pizzas he has tried.

1. Lucali – Brooklyn, NY (9.4 score):
Lucali, located in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn, is known for its thin-crust pizzas and fresh ingredients. The pizza has a perfect balance of cheese, sauce, and crust, making it a favorite amongst pizza enthusiasts.

2. Patsy’s – East Harlem, NY (9.1 score):
Patsy’s Pizzeria, founded in 1933, is a New York City institution. Portnoy raved about the thin crust, flavorful sauce, and high-quality cheese. It’s a true taste of classic New York-style pizza.

3. Sally’s Apizza – New Haven, CT (9.0 score):
Sally’s Apizza has been serving up delicious pizza since 1938. Known for their coal-fired pies, Sally’s is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Portnoy loved the charred crust and the delicious combination of toppings.

4. Di Fara – Brooklyn, NY (9.0 score):
Di Fara Pizza, located in Brooklyn, is famous for its high-quality ingredients and the personal touch of owner Domenico DeMarco. Portnoy praised the perfectly crisp crust and the unique flavor combinations.

5. Modern Apizza – New Haven, CT (8.9 score):
Another New Haven institution, Modern Apizza is known for its signature style – a thin crust with a slightly charred edge. Portnoy loved the tangy sauce and the generous toppings.

6. Lombardi’s – New York City, NY (8.9 score):
Lombardi’s, established in 1905, is recognized as America’s first pizzeria. Portnoy appreciated the classic New York-style thin crust and the rich flavors of the toppings.

7. Prince Street Pizza – New York City, NY (8.8 score):
Prince Street Pizza is famous for its square-shaped pepperoni slice, known as the “Spicy Spring.” Portnoy raved about the crispy crust and the delicious combination of flavors.

8. Antico Pizza – Atlanta, GA (8.8 score):
Antico Pizza, an Atlanta favorite, serves up authentic Neapolitan-style pizza. Portnoy loved the creamy mozzarella and the perfectly charred crust.

9. Joe’s Pizza – New York City, NY (8.6 score):
Joe’s Pizza, a Greenwich Village staple, is known for its simple and classic New York slices. Portnoy enjoyed the thin crust and the tangy sauce.

10. John’s Pizzeria – New York City, NY (8.6 score):
John’s Pizzeria, located in the heart of Times Square, is a popular spot for both locals and tourists. Portnoy praised the crispy crust and the flavorful sauce.

These are just a few of the top pizza scores given by Dave Portnoy. His “One Bite” pizza reviews continue to be a valuable resource for pizza lovers across the country, helping them discover the best slices in town.


1. How does Dave Portnoy rate pizzas in his reviews?
– Dave Portnoy rates pizzas on a scale of 1 to 10, known as the “One Bite” score.

2. Are these scores subjective or objective?
– These scores are subjective as they are based on Portnoy’s personal taste and preferences.

3. How often does Dave Portnoy review pizzas?
– Dave Portnoy regularly reviews pizzas and shares his experiences on social media, with new reviews posted frequently.

4. Are these pizza scores influenced by advertising or sponsorship?
– No, Dave Portnoy’s pizza scores are not influenced by advertising or sponsorships. He pays for his own meals and gives unbiased reviews.

5. Can I trust Dave Portnoy’s pizza reviews?
– While tastes vary from person to person, Dave Portnoy’s pizza reviews are generally considered reliable and trustworthy by many pizza enthusiasts.

6. What other types of food does Dave Portnoy review?
– While Dave Portnoy is primarily known for his pizza reviews, he also reviews other types of food, including burgers, sandwiches, and more.

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