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Charlie Puth is a talented singer, songwriter, and producer known for his soulful voice and catchy pop tunes. Over the years, he has released numerous hit songs that have topped the charts and captivated audiences worldwide. In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Charlie Puth’s top 10 songs, exploring the stories behind the music and the reasons why these songs resonate with fans.

1. “Attention” – Released in 2017, “Attention” quickly became one of Charlie Puth’s biggest hits. The song showcases his smooth vocals and addictive melodies, while the lyrics tell a story of a troubled relationship.

2. “See You Again” (featuring Wiz Khalifa) – This emotional tribute to the late actor Paul Walker from the “Furious 7” soundtrack catapulted Charlie Puth to international success. The poignant lyrics and beautiful piano melodies make it a song that is hard to forget.

3. “One Call Away” – With its uplifting message of love and support, “One Call Away” resonates with listeners on a deep level. The song’s infectious chorus and Charlie Puth’s warm vocals make it an instant fan favorite.

4. “We Don’t Talk Anymore” (featuring Selena Gomez) – Collaborating with fellow pop superstar Selena Gomez, Charlie Puth created a masterpiece with “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” The song explores the complexities of a broken relationship and showcases their incredible vocal chemistry.

5. “Marvin Gaye” (featuring Meghan Trainor) – This infectious pop tune is filled with catchy hooks and playful lyrics. With its throwback vibe and fun-loving spirit, “Marvin Gaye” is a song that gets stuck in your head for days.

6. “How Long” – This upbeat track showcases Charlie Puth’s signature falsetto vocals and funky pop sound. The song’s clever lyrics and infectious rhythm make it irresistible to dance along to.

7. “Attention (Remix)” (with KYLE) – Charlie Puth teams up with rapper KYLE to give “Attention” a fresh twist. This remix combines Charlie’s soulful vocals with KYLE’s playful rap verses, creating an unforgettable and dynamic collaboration.

8. “Dangerously” – With its haunting melodies and emotional lyrics, “Dangerously” showcases a more vulnerable side of Charlie Puth. The song’s raw emotions and powerful vocals make it a standout track on his album.

9. “The Way I Am” – In this introspective song, Charlie Puth celebrates his individuality and acknowledges his flaws. The catchy chorus and relatable lyrics make “The Way I Am” an anthem for self-acceptance.

10. “Mother” – With its heartfelt lyrics and beautiful piano melodies, “Mother” is a touching tribute to Charlie Puth’s mom. The song’s emotional depth and vulnerability make it a standout track on his album “Voicenotes.”

These are just a few of Charlie Puth’s top songs that have captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world. With his unique blend of pop, R&B, and soul, Charlie Puth continues to create music that resonates with listeners and solidifies his place in the music industry.


1. What is Charlie Puth’s most popular song?
– Charlie Puth’s most popular song is “See You Again” featuring Wiz Khalifa, which became a worldwide hit and reached the top of the charts in several countries.

2. Does Charlie Puth write his own songs?
– Yes, Charlie Puth is a talented songwriter and has written or co-written all of his songs.

3. What is Charlie Puth’s vocal range?
– Charlie Puth is known for his impressive vocal range, which spans from a low bass to a high tenor. He often showcases his falsetto in many of his songs.

4. Has Charlie Puth won any awards for his music?
– Yes, Charlie Puth has won several awards throughout his career, including Billboard Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and MTV Video Music Awards.

5. How many albums has Charlie Puth released?
– Charlie Puth has released two studio albums: “Nine Track Mind” (2016) and “Voicenotes” (2018).

6. Does Charlie Puth plan to release new music in the near future?
– While there is no official announcement yet, Charlie Puth has mentioned in interviews that he is working on new music and has teased potential upcoming projects.

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