Canadian Top 10 Most Wanted

Title: Canadian Top 10 Most Wanted: Unveiling the Faces Behind the Crimes


Canada is known for its peaceful and safe environment, but like any other country, it is not immune to criminal activities. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) constantly works to apprehend individuals who have committed serious offenses and are considered to be the country’s most wanted criminals. In this article, we will delve into the world of crime in Canada and reveal the top 10 most wanted individuals, along with their alleged crimes.

1. Terrence Alan O’Keeffe:

Terrence Alan O’Keeffe, also known as “Terry,” is one of Canada’s most wanted criminals. O’Keeffe is wanted for multiple charges, including drug smuggling, organized crime, and conspiracy to commit murder. He has been on the run since 2016, and authorities believe that he is hiding in BC or Alberta.

2. Saren Azer:

Saren Azer is wanted on charges of abduction, sexual interference, and child exploitation. He is believed to have left Canada and may currently be residing in the Middle East. Azer is one of the few high-profile criminals who have managed to evade justice for an extended period.

3. Patrick Kamins:

Patrick Kamins is a dangerous offender who is wanted for kidnapping, assault, and armed robbery. Kamins has a history of violence and is considered armed and dangerous. Authorities suspect that he may still be in Ontario.

4. Derek Whisenand:

Derek Whisenand, an American citizen, is currently on Canada’s most wanted list for a homicide that occurred in 2019. He is believed to have fled to Canada after the crime and is currently at large. Whisenand is known to change his appearance frequently and may be using false identities.

5. Molly Martin:

Molly Martin is wanted for fraud and identity theft. She has been involved in a sophisticated scam where she would assume the identity of vulnerable individuals and exploit their financial resources. Martin is known to have connections in the United States and may have managed to cross the border.

6. Shane Taylor:

Shane Taylor is wanted for drug trafficking and firearm-related offenses. He is believed to be associated with an organized crime group and is known to have established connections to illicit drug networks. Taylor is considered dangerous and should not be approached.

7. Lefkothea “Linda” Sinclair:

Lefkothea Sinclair is wanted for fraud and money laundering. She is believed to be the mastermind behind a large-scale financial scam that defrauded investors out of millions of dollars. Sinclair has multiple aliases and may be residing in Ontario or Quebec.

8. Robert Leeming:

Robert Leeming is a suspect in a double-homicide case in Calgary. He is wanted for the murders of Jasmine Lovett and Aliyah Sanderson, a mother and her young daughter. Leeming has previously lived in the UK and is believed to have fled Canada, but his current whereabouts are unknown.

9. Hassan Al-Awaid:

Hassan Al-Awaid is wanted for human trafficking and related offenses. He is believed to have coerced several individuals into forced labor and is connected to a human trafficking network operating in Canada. Al-Awaid is believed to have fled the country, and authorities are actively seeking his arrest.

10. Douglas Garland:

Douglas Garland gained infamy after the high-profile murder case known as the “Calgary triple murders.” Garland was convicted of the abduction and murder of five-year-old Nathan O’Brien and his grandparents. Despite being apprehended, his investigation and trial revealed a dark and disturbing side. He is currently serving a life sentence.


1. How often are the top 10 most wanted list updated in Canada?
The list is regularly updated as new individuals become wanted or previously desired criminals are apprehended.

2. How can I report information about someone on the most wanted list?
If you have any information about wanted individuals, contact your local police or the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

3. Are rewards offered for information leading to the arrest of wanted individuals?
Yes, rewards are often offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of individuals on the most wanted list.

4. How can I protect myself from dangerous wanted individuals?
Stay informed about the most wanted criminals in your area and report any suspicious activities to the authorities. It is also important to practice basic personal safety measures at all times.

5. Can wanted individuals cross into other provinces or countries?
Yes, wanted individuals can cross provincial or national borders, making it crucial to have effective communication and collaboration among law enforcement agencies.

6. How are individuals added to the most wanted list?
Individuals are added to the most wanted list based on the severity of their alleged crimes, their potential danger to the community, and the likelihood that public assistance can lead to their apprehension.


The top 10 most wanted criminals in Canada represent a range of offenses, from drug smuggling to murder. The pursuit of justice for their alleged crimes continues as the authorities work diligently to apprehend these individuals and ensure the safety of the public. If you have any information about these wanted individuals or any criminal activity, it is essential to report it to the appropriate authorities promptly.

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