British Open Top 10 Odds

The British Open, also known as The Open Championship, is one of the most anticipated golf tournaments of the year. It is the oldest golf tournament in the world and is held annually in the United Kingdom. As the third major championship of the year, the British Open attracts the best golfers from around the globe, all vying for the prestigious Claret Jug.

One of the most exciting aspects of the British Open is the opportunity to place bets and predict the outcome of the tournament. Bookmakers release odds on the top golfers, giving fans and punters the chance to win big if they make the right predictions.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 odds for the upcoming British Open and provide you with all the information you need to know before placing your bets.

1. Jon Rahm – 7/1: This Spanish golfer has been in outstanding form recently, winning the U.S. Open and reaching the top of the Official World Golf Ranking. Rahm is a strong contender and will be aiming for his first British Open victory.

2. Dustin Johnson – 8/1: The American golfer is known for his powerful drives and consistent play. Johnson has won multiple major championships, including the 2016 U.S. Open, and has a strong chance of adding a British Open victory to his resume.

3. Brooks Koepka – 10/1: Koepka is a player who thrives in major championships. With four major wins under his belt, including two U.S. Open titles and two PGA Championship victories, Koepka knows how to handle the pressure of big events.

4. Rory McIlroy – 12/1: McIlroy is a veteran of the British Open, having won the tournament in 2014. With his impressive ball-striking ability and experience, McIlroy is always a threat to win any major championship.

5. Jordan Spieth – 12/1: After a few years of struggling, Spieth has returned to form in 2021. The American golfer has already won one major this year, the Masters, and will be looking to add a British Open title to his collection.

6. Xander Schauffele – 14/1: Schauffele has consistently been in contention in major championships, with four consecutive top-10 finishes in the Masters. The American golfer has the skills and temperament to perform well at the British Open.

7. Justin Thomas – 16/1: Thomas is known for his strong iron play and ability to score low. With a major championship win already under his belt (2017 PGA Championship), Thomas will be looking to add another major title to his resume.

8. Bryson DeChambeau – 18/1: DeChambeau’s powerful drives and unique approach to the game have garnered a lot of attention in recent years. The American golfer won the U.S. Open in 2020 and will be a player to watch at this year’s British Open.

9. Patrick Cantlay – 20/1: Cantlay has quietly been one of the most consistent golfers on the PGA Tour. With a steady game and a strong mental attitude, Cantlay could surprise many by contending for the Claret Jug.

10. Viktor Hovland – 25/1: Hovland is a rising star in the golf world. The Norwegian golfer has shown tremendous potential and has already won several tournaments in his young career. Hovland could be a dark horse at the British Open.


1. How do betting odds work in golf?
In golf, betting odds work by assigning a probability to each player’s chances of winning. The odds are presented as a ratio, such as 7/1 or 12/1. A lower number indicates a higher probability of winning.

2. Can I bet on multiple players to win the British Open?
Yes, you can bet on multiple players to win the British Open. This is known as an “each-way” bet, where you place a wager on a player to win and another wager on the same player to finish in the top few places (usually the top 5 or 6).

3. What factors should I consider when placing a bet on the British Open?
When placing a bet on the British Open, you should consider a player’s recent form, their performance in past British Opens, their familiarity with the course, and any injuries or other factors that could affect their performance.

4. How do bookmakers determine the odds for the British Open?
Bookmakers determine the odds for the British Open based on a variety of factors, including a player’s past performance in the tournament, their current form, their world ranking, and the amount of money being wagered on each player.

5. Can I bet on more than just the winner of the British Open?
Yes, bookmakers offer a wide range of betting options for the British Open, including betting on the top finishers, head-to-head matchups between players, and even specific outcomes on individual holes or rounds.

6. What are the risks of betting on the British Open?
Like any form of gambling, betting on the British Open comes with risks. There is no guarantee that the player you bet on will win, and you could lose your entire wager. It’s important to only bet what you can afford to lose and to gamble responsibly.

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