Blink-182 Top 10 Songs

Blink-182, one of the most influential punk-pop bands of all time, has produced a wide range of catchy and energetic songs over their career. With their unmistakable blend of infectious melodies, witty lyrics, and high-energy performances, Blink-182 has truly left their mark on the music industry. In this blog post, we will be exploring their top 10 songs that encapsulate their unique sound and appeal to fans old and new.

1. “All The Small Things”: This iconic track from their breakthrough album “Enema of the State” became an instant hit and remains one of Blink-182’s most popular songs. With its catchy chorus and playful lyrics, “All The Small Things” perfectly represents the band’s signature sound.

2. “Dammit”: Considered one of Blink-182’s defining songs, “Dammit” showcases their ability to blend punk rock with infectious pop hooks. This track features memorable guitar riffs, a dynamic structure, and heartfelt lyrics, making it a fan favorite.

3. “What’s My Age Again?”: With its witty lyrics and carefree attitude, “What’s My Age Again?” is a true anthem for the youth. The song perfectly captures the essence of growing up and the challenges of finding your identity, all wrapped up in an upbeat and irresistible melody.

4. “I Miss You”: One of Blink-182’s more introspective songs, “I Miss You” showcases a different side of the band’s songwriting. Featuring haunting vocals and a melancholic atmosphere, this track showcases their versatility and ability to create emotional depth.

5. “First Date”: This infectious and fun-filled song captures the excitement and nervousness of a first date. With its catchy guitar riffs and playful lyrics, “First Date” is a feel-good track that appeals to both die-hard fans and casual listeners alike.

6. “Adam’s Song”: Known for its introspective lyrics and relatable themes of loneliness and depression, “Adam’s Song” has resonated with many fans over the years. The song’s emotive imagery and powerful chorus make it a standout track in Blink-182’s discography.

7. “Rock Show”: With its high-energy guitar riffs and anthemic chorus, “Rock Show” perfectly encapsulates the spirit of going to a live concert and having the time of your life. This song is a crowd-pleaser and remains a staple of their live performances.

8. “Feeling This”: Opening with a high-energy drum intro, “Feeling This” sets the tone for the raw and unapologetic sound of Blink-182. This track features explosive guitar riffs, dynamic vocals, and a catchy chorus that will make you want to sing along.

9. “Josie”: A fan favorite, “Josie” embodies the quintessential Blink-182 sound with its catchy guitar hooks, infectious melodies, and playful lyrics. This track is a testament to the band’s ability to create upbeat and catchy songs that are impossible to resist.

10. “Stay Together for the Kids”: A departure from their usual upbeat sound, “Stay Together for the Kids” delves into the complexities of broken families and the impact it has on children. With its emotional lyrics and powerful vocals, this song showcases Blink-182’s ability to tackle more serious topics while still delivering a memorable and impactful tune.


Q: What was Blink-182’s breakthrough album?
A: Blink-182’s breakthrough album was “Enema of the State,” which featured hit singles like “All The Small Things” and “What’s My Age Again?”

Q: Are the members of Blink-182 still active in the music industry?
A: Yes, the members of Blink-182, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker are still actively making music and performing together.

Q: Have Blink-182 won any awards for their music?
A: Yes, Blink-182 has won several awards over the years, including MTV Video Music Awards and Teen Choice Awards.

Q: What is Blink-182’s musical style?
A: Blink-182’s musical style can best be described as a blend of punk rock, pop punk, and alternative rock.

Q: Are there any upcoming Blink-182 concerts or tours?
A: For information on upcoming Blink-182 concerts and tours, fans can check the band’s official website or follow them on social media for updates.

Q: How many studio albums has Blink-182 released?
A: Blink-182 has released a total of eight studio albums, with their most recent album being “Nine” released in 2019.

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