America’S Got Talent Top 10 Performances

America’s Got Talent has provided audiences with countless memorable performances over the years, showcasing the incredible talent and diversity of performers from all walks of life. From singers to dancers, magicians to acrobats, the show has never failed to deliver on breathtaking moments that leave both the judges and viewers in awe. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the top 10 performances in the history of America’s Got Talent.

1. Paul Zerdin – Ventriloquist Extraordinaire
Paul Zerdin, the British ventriloquist, stole the hearts of the judges and audience with his incredible ability to bring his puppets to life. His witty banter and comedic timing made for a truly entertaining performance that had everyone in stitches, and ultimately led him to win the competition in 2015.

2. Grace VanderWaal – The Young Singer-Songwriter
At just 12 years old, Grace VanderWaal captivated America with her unique voice and original songwriting. Her performance of “I Don’t Know My Name” during the auditions left the judges speechless and went viral overnight. VanderWaal went on to win the competition in 2016, making her the youngest winner in the show’s history.

3. Kenichi Ebina – The Dance Maestro
Kenichi Ebina, a Japanese dancer and visual artist, blew audiences away with his mesmerizing performances that seamlessly blended dance, martial arts, and multimedia projections. His innovative approach to dance and storytelling earned him the title of the winner in 2013.

4. Terry Fator – The Singing Ventriloquist
Terry Fator showcased his incredible vocal range and ventriloquist skills, effortlessly switching between singing different voices with his puppet characters. His performances left the judges and viewers in awe, ultimately leading to his win in the second season of America’s Got Talent in 2007.

5. Olate Dogs – Canine Acrobatics
The Olate Dogs, a father-son duo, wowed audiences with their incredible dog act that featured a range of tricks and acrobatics performed by their trained dogs. Their heartwarming performances resonated with viewers, leading them to win the competition in 2012.

6. Jackie Evancho – The Young Opera Singer
Jackie Evancho, a teenage opera singer, stunned the judges and audience with her mature and angelic voice. Her rendition of “O mio babbino caro” during the auditions made the judges predict that she would be a star, and she went on to become the runner-up in 2010.

7. Shin Lim – The Master Magician
Shin Lim’s mind-bending magic tricks and incredible sleight of hand left the judges and viewers questioning reality. His performances were filled with suspense and surprise, earning him the title of the winner in both season 13 and season 1 of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

8. Kodi Lee – The Blind Singer-Pianist
Kodi Lee, a blind singer and pianist, captured the hearts of America with his exceptional musical talent. His performance of “A Song For You” during the auditions left not a dry eye in the audience. Lee went on to win the competition in 2019, becoming one of the most beloved winners in the show’s history.

9. Mat Franco – The Magic Trickster
Mat Franco showcased his incredible magic tricks that often involved audience participation, bringing an extra layer of excitement to his performances. His engaging personality and impressive illusions led to his victory in 2014, making him the first and only magician to win America’s Got Talent.

10. Darci Lynne Farmer – The Singing Ventriloquist Sensation
Darci Lynne Farmer, a young ventriloquist, amazed everyone with her singing talent while simultaneously manipulating her puppet characters. Her performance of “Summertime” during the auditions left the judges and viewers spellbound, leading her to win the competition in 2017.

These top 10 performances on America’s Got Talent highlight the incredible diversity of talent and the ability of the show to captivate audiences year after year. From singers to magicians, dancers to ventriloquists, these artists have left a lasting impression on both the show and the viewers.


1. Who is the most successful winner of America’s Got Talent?
– Grace VanderWaal is considered one of the most successful winners of America’s Got Talent due to her successful music career after the show.

2. Has anyone won America’s Got Talent twice?
– Yes, Shin Lim has won America’s Got Talent twice, once in season 13 and again in season 1 of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

3. Are the performances on America’s Got Talent live?
– While the auditions and live shows are filmed in advance, the performances are showcased to a live audience during the show’s tapings.

4. How are the winners of America’s Got Talent determined?
– The winners of America’s Got Talent are determined through a combination of audience votes and judges’ evaluations throughout the competition.

5. Can participants from outside the United States participate in America’s Got Talent?
– Yes, participants from all around the world are welcome to audition for America’s Got Talent, as long as they comply with the show’s eligibility requirements.

6. Are the contestants on America’s Got Talent paid for their performances?
– According to reports, contestants do not receive payment for their performances on America’s Got Talent. However, the show provides them with a platform to showcase their talent and potentially launch their careers.

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