American Idol Season 20 Top 10

American Idol Season 20 Top 10: A Look at the Talented Finalists

American Idol, the renowned singing competition, is back with its 20th season, featuring an incredibly talented pool of contestants. As the competition heats up, let’s take a closer look at the top 10 finalists who have captured the hearts of millions of viewers across the nation.

1. Chayce Beckham:
Chayce Beckham, a rock musician from Apple Valley, California, has been a frontrunner throughout the season. With his soulful voice and gritty style, he has captivated the audience and the judges alike. Chayce’s heartfelt performances and raw talent make him a strong contender for the title.

2. Willie Spence:
Willie Spence, hailing from Douglas, Georgia, has consistently delivered powerful and emotionally charged performances. His incredible vocal range and ability to connect with the audience have made him a fan favorite. Willie’s commanding stage presence and soulful interpretations have earned him well-deserved praise week after week.

3. Grace Kinstler:
Grace Kinstler, a powerhouse vocalist from Lakewood, Illinois, has wowed the judges and viewers with her stunning performances. With her impressive vocal control and range, Grace effortlessly tackles challenging songs, showcasing her immense talent. Her ability to connect with the audience through her heartfelt performances sets her apart.

4. Casey Bishop:
Casey Bishop, a sixteen-year-old singer from Estero, Florida, has been a revelation this season. With her rock-infused sound and powerhouse vocals, Casey brings a unique energy to the competition. Her youthful charm combined with a mature musicality makes her a force to be reckoned with.

5. Caleb Kennedy:
Caleb Kennedy, a young country singer from Roebuck, South Carolina, delivers heartfelt performances with a touch of Southern charm. His soulful voice and authentic style resonate with the viewers, earning him a top spot in the competition. Caleb’s ability to tell a story through his music sets him apart from the rest.

6. Hunter Metts:
Hunter Metts, a singer-songwriter from Franklin, Tennessee, brings a fresh and introspective sound to the competition. With his heartfelt performances and vulnerable storytelling, Hunter has touched the hearts of many. His unique musicality and ability to connect on an emotional level make him a standout contestant.

7. Alyssa Wray:
Alyssa Wray, a powerhouse vocalist from Perryville, Kentucky, consistently delivers show-stopping performances. With her incredible range and commanding stage presence, Alyssa leaves a lasting impression. Her ability to take on challenging songs and make them her own has earned her high praise from the judges.

8. Deshawn Goncalves:
Deshawn Goncalves, a singer from Cleveland, Ohio, consistently impresses with his smooth vocals and infectious charisma. His performances exude confidence and vulnerability, creating a magnetic on-stage presence. Deshawn’s ability to connect with the audience and evoke emotion sets him apart in the competition.

9. Cassandra Coleman:
Cassandra Coleman, a singer-songwriter from Columbia, Tennessee, stands out with her unique and ethereal sound. With her angelic vocals and introspective performances, Cassandra creates a captivating atmosphere. Her ability to channel emotions through her music resonates with the viewers.

10. Arthur Gunn:
Arthur Gunn, a talented musician originally from Nepal, returned to American Idol after being a fan-favorite contestant in the previous season. With his distinctive voice and folk-rock sound, Arthur brings a refreshing and authentic energy to the competition. His compelling performances and artistic interpretations continue to captivate the audience.


1. Who won American Idol Season 20?
The winner of American Idol Season 20 has not been announced yet. The competition is ongoing, and the winner will be revealed in the finale episode.

2. Can I vote for my favorite contestant on American Idol?
Yes, you can vote for your favorite contestant on American Idol through various methods, including phone calls, text messages, and online voting.

3. Are the American Idol contestants signed to record labels?
While not all contestants sign record deals immediately after the show, American Idol has a history of launching successful music careers. Many former contestants have gone on to sign record deals and release albums.

4. What happens to the eliminated contestants on American Idol?
Eliminated contestants on American Idol often continue pursuing their music careers. The show provides a platform for exposure, and many eliminated contestants go on to find success in the music industry.

5. How are the American Idol finalists selected?
The American Idol finalists are selected through a combination of viewer votes and judges’ decisions. The initial auditions are followed by various elimination rounds, which whittle down the contestants to the top 10 finalists who compete for the title.

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